PowerPuff Girls #1-9 Review



The PowerPuff Girls monthly series has been out for a little while now, but does it capture the lightheartedness of the old tv show? After all, that is part of the reason that the show was a big success, well as well as having three super powered kindergartners saving the town before bed time. The premise and execution made the show incredibly fun to watch, so could that same magic be captured in a comic format?

Yes, yes it could, and it does. The best thing about this series so far is simply that it is incredibly fun to read. Its got superheroes but it doesn’t have any confusing story lines, or dark gritty landscapes to be seen. Granted, it is aimed more for kids but that doesn’t make it an enjoyable read for an adult, especially if you liked the old tv show. The comic perfectly captures the characters from the show and doesn’t disappoint.

I’m also not going to spoil the story, but the arcs are worth mentioning. It’s had 9 issues and a couple of story arcs. The first arc involves HIM and a good select few of Townsville’s other evil villains. The second arc involves the monsters of Monster Island, while volume #9 starts off a new arc with the Rowdyruff Boys. There has also been Mojo Jojo of course, but his story line is unique. He pops up from time to time and has an orchestrated plan that unravels a little at a time, telling the readers just enough of a hint to wait for his next appearance.

If you really want a fun read then pick the series up and give it a chance, the story and art are perfectly done to capture the lighthearted superhero adventure, and it looks to be even better in the late issues.


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