PowerPuff Girls 10 Review

PPG10-cover The PowerPuff Girls are back and just as good as last time. This issue picks up right were issue 9 left off. So we get to see what happened after The RowdyRuff Boys an The Boogie Man crashed the girls beloved 3D concert.

The fights that happen here are really well done. Though I wished there could have been a few more panels for each fight, it is the PowerPuff Girls and they have never had very many long fights. It does contain a good number of villains and an interesting discovery on a couple of the characters in this volume. Oh, and we see more on the plot that MoJo JoJo set up a few volumes ago. The art is still following the style of the show from the 90’s and I’m still glad it is, and it’s done extremely well. Also, it looks like there is going to be a cross over series involving the Girls coming up soon. So all in all this was a great volume to read. It was very entertaining, and I can’t wait to see what the Girls are up against next.

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