Ready to Drop Your Dreams into a Distance?

July 31st is closing in on us, and that means it’s almost time for Kingdom Hearts: 3D (Dream Drop Distance). Several things were released this week, so lets kick off this post, with the full, official, English Trailer, just released on Monday!

I myself cannot wait until it comes out, I was flailing and fan-girling all over the place when I saw the trailer (which is actually fairly unusual…). There are many things that are making fans squirm in excitement, such as the

"Got it memorized?"

mixing of The World Ends With You main characters, or the reintroduction of Axel (for you Axel/Roxas fans out there, this scene must have taken your hearts), the old foes that come back in 3D, and many more.

Let’s not forget though, with every new game, changes trail along with it. In Dream Drop Distance, we still have the basic battle system, with our swinging of the keyblade and command deck, but we also have something that’s old that’s been reinvented. I’m sure you all know about the Dream Eaters, but there’s a chance you’re confused about them. Don’t worry about it, it’s not too hard to understand. The Dream Eaters come from the point that Sora and Riku are sent into a dream world to earn their Mark of Mastery. Why is this? Well if you played Re:coded, you’d know that

*SPOILER* Xehanort has returned and now he needs to be taken down *End Spoiler*

 and so Sora and Riku are preparing to take him out by becoming official Keyblade Masters. In order to prepare the boys and have them prove they can handle it, they are put into dream worlds, which we were worlds obliterated by heartless (thus the mostly all new worlds). Here, we meet the Dream Eaters! The Dream Eaters pretty much replace Heartless/Unversed , but there’s a twist. You can enlist a Dream Eater onto your team to help you fight (in other words they replace Dolan and Gooby Donald and Goofy). So there are many to choose from, and you can always switch them out if you wish, but I don’t believe you can use a boss as your partner unless there’s a mod out for that, or I’m confused.

Tl; dr, all you need to know is you battle the Dream Eaters, and you can use them as partners to fight.

Like I mentioned above, there are some brand new worlds! The first any of us ever learned about was that the Hunchback of Notre Dame would make and appearance, and that Traverse Town and the Mysterious Tower would return. Here’s a list of the names to the worlds:

  • Destiny Islands
  • La Cite’ de Cloches (Hunchback of Notre’ Dame)
  • Prankster’s Paradise (Pinocchio outside of Monstro)
  • Radiant Garden
  • Traverse Town
  • Country of the Musketeers (Three Musketeers)
  • Symphony of Sorcery (Fantasia)
  • The Grid (Tron: Legacy; the newest Tron Movie)
  • Disney Castle
  • Keyblade Graveyard
  • Mysterious Tower
  • The World That Never Was

Most of the worlds will have the characters you’d expect, but unfortunately there’s a group that we won’t be seeing in this installment of Kingdom Hearts: The Final Fantasy crew. Replacing their appearance in Traverse Town is the The World Ends With You cast, so sorry Final Fantasy fans. On a brighter note, TWEWY is being revived!

All I have left to mention now was released just today; the Mark of Mastery bundle!

Alas, we don’t get what Japan gets, here in North America (surprise, surprise) but we do still get some pretty cool items (which you can click the image for more info as well as pre-order if you’d like~). It’s running for $55 ($15 more than the game alone) and it’s limited edition, so be sure to grab it when you get the chance!

Kingdom Hearts 3D is available July 31, 2012 in North America, July 20, 2012 in Europe, and is of course already out in Japan. So fellow KH fans, prepare yourselves and replay the games to hype yourselves up and refresh yourself with the story, for this latest installment of Kingdom Hearts!

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