Real Salt, Fake Bets


Tired of hearing about lack of money in the fighting game community, Esports, collusion, the Empire, and other FGC drama? Well too bad, because you’re going to probably keep hearing about that for a while, but why not take a break from all of that and start gambling away your money on the new craze that is Salty Bet?

Though it used to be only a place where people could watch fighting game tournaments and bet on them with fake money, someone came up with the genius idea of turning the Salty Bet site into a place where stream viewers (stream monsters, if you will) bet money on CPUs battling it out in M.U.G.E.N. For those unfamiliar with M.U.G.E.N. it is a fighting game engine where battles like this¬†and THIS are possible. The stream music playlist is excellent (and I really want to get my hands on it), the fights are insane, the odds are real, the stream monsters are monsters (and get pretty rowdy, so prepare for lots of caps and naughty language) the Rare Akumas are rare… check it out now, you will not be disappointed (unless you bet wrong and are sent down to the Salt Mines).

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