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When you care about something very much, you always want to protect it. After all, it holds all of your precious data, appointments, and contacts. Yes, I’m referring to the cellphone. If you are like me, dear readers, then you value your phone more than a lot of things.

Before we get into the actual review, let me give you some background on how I treat my iPhone. I have had two iPhones over the past 4 years. When I traded in my iPhone 4 it was merely because of a factory defect in the sound card. My old phone had only one miniscule scratch on the backside that was almost unnoticeable. My iPhone 5 has only one indention on the bottom, but, like before, it is very small. All that being said, I tend to take very good care of my phones, so I am extremely picky about my cases.

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Recently, I was able to try a case for my iPhone 5 from Tech Armor’s Relax series ( Upon first receiving my case in the mail, I was a little skeptical. My phone was then in a waterproof case that completely encapsulated it, so I was unsure if this new case could offer my suitable protection. My initial worries were soon dispelled, though. This case is one of the best that I have ever had, although, I would have liked a little more screen protection.

This case has a rubberized coating along the back and sides, which is a big plus for those that use their phones a lot throughout the day. From my use of the case, it does not slide around a lot in my pockets. Even when it is starting to fall out of the pocket, it seems to grip better than cases that do not have this coating. I also noted that this coating seems to not slide around in my hands as much as most other cases that I have used in that past. I feel safe using it, which is one thing that I find very appealing about this case.

While the Relax series does not come with a screen protector, it does have a lip that protects the screen from scratches when it is laid face down on surfaces. Though the lip is there, it is not a hindrance for use. Honestly, I did not even notice the lip until I accidentally slide my phone across a table. With the combination of the lip and rubberized coating, the phone did not get too far, but it was also well protected.

Another aspect that I absolutely adore about this case is that it does not hinder the use of headphones, charging cables, camera, or microphone. My previous case hindered all but the camera, so I am very glad to have a case that gives me the best sound and ease of use again. I was also used to having garbled sound come out of my previous case when I played music through the speakers, but with my Tech Armor case, that is no longer an annoyance. All around, this case has everything that I want in a case.

One of the most impressive things with this case is how thin it is. After using cases that are barely able to fit into my pocket, this is a nice change. It is almost like not having a case at all. Added protection, but no added girth is always a massive plus for those of us that wear pants with ‘girl pockets’.

As mentioned before, I really like to protect my screen. So having a case that does not have that built-in protection is a drawback for me. However, this case is only retailed for $16.95, so I would not mind buying an additional screen protector when getting this case. This is the only downside that I have seen in my experience with this case.

My overall review of this case:
Protection 4/5
Grip 5/5

User friendliness 5/5

I highly recommend this case to anyone that is looking for a case that provides a great protection, ease of use, and a nice silhouette.

For more information, head on over to and view their product specs.

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