Road to Evo 2013 Diary Part 1 – Why and How

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This is an exciting year for us at 2 Shots of Geek. We have a fantastic and growing team, and for the first time, two of us are going to Evo 2013! KhaosMuffins and I will be making the trek to Vegas in July to compete in this year’s largest fighting game tournament. I will be competing in Super Street Fighter 4 AE v.2012, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and Injustice(if I can get into that tournament still). The road to Evo has started for us. I know we can’t make any of the majors left on the official Road to Evo, but I will be sharing my training regimen with you all, as a way to mark progress, and also keep myself focused on the big picture. Here we go!

First off, I’ve been playing fighting games for most of my life. I never got really competitive until about 12 years ago, back in the Marvel vs. Capcom and CvS days. Training, just like in any other competitive event, is something that needs to be done and done right. I’ve been wracking my brain on how I can be well-trained, and train well for this major tournament. Here is the regimen I came up with for myself:

  • Seven hours of training at home for each game per week. This includes time in the lab, online, etc.
  • Go to at least one event locally to train with the local fighting game community(thank you so much SDFGC!) per week.
  • Research the best tools, bread and butter combos, punishes, tactics, etc. for all the characters I play, and log my opportunities.
  • Find match-ups that give me trouble, and do my best to get practice against them.

This is good to start I think. A little background on myself: I work 40+ hours each week as a retail manager, work out at least four times per week for one and a half hours, and have a really close bond to my little sister. There are things to do besides gaming, and I will do my best to get it all done. Fighting games are an integral part of my life. I feel that my drive and competitive nature are constantly fueled by my love for fighting games. I play to win, with whatever needs necessary. The thing that matters in fighting games is getting that K.O. Plain and simple. I use that same view in everything I do.

I will hold myself accountable by posting screenshots of my activity on Raptr for you all to see, and over the next week, I will figure out the main things I need to work on with all my characters. Adon, Captain America, Chris Redfield, Dormammu, and Joker. Our work is cut out for us. Due to my work schedule, it will be hard to get to a local event this week, but if I can’t make one this week, I will hit two next week. This is the first Evo I will compete in. I am excited to go as both a competitor and as media coverage for 2 Shots of Geek. KhaosMuffins and I will do our best to make everyone proud. Now, let’s get it going, there are matches to win, memories to make, and salt to be had!

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