Robots In Disguise #28 Review

TF_RiD28_cvrSUBDawn of the Autobots continues in Robots in Disguise # 28. This issue focuses primarily on Optimus Prime and Thundercracker. Optimus Prime returns to Earth to find a long lost friend and ally. Thundercracker has been hiding here all along, but he’s not the one Prime is looking for. Should you pick up a copy?

The first few pages had me laughing, which is definitely a good thing. From there things get a little more serious and really heat up at the end. Optimus Prime has a crack team of Autobots with him, one such  famous Autobot is Jazz. The dialog for Jazz was TF_RiD28_cvrAso perfect, I was reading it with the voice Scatman Crothers used  for him back in the 1980s cartoon!

As for the story and writing, it was truly enjoyable. The artwork was fantastic and really portrayed the story well. The more I read in these later Transformers Comics, the more excited I am of what’s coming next. Thundercracker, you really cracked me up! That’s right folks, this is one you’ll want to read.

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