Robots In Disguise #31 Review

TF_RiD31_cvrSan Diego International Comic Con has just ended and those of us in attendance are in recovery. However, I wouldn’t want you to go without this weeks Transformers comic book review. I was in line for the Marvel Animation panel, the line was extending outdoors and as I heard the San Diego Symphony playing Star Wars in the distance- I read TF: RID 31 on my trusty Windows Phone.

As you may recall the Autobots have returned to Earth and were blindsided by an alliance between Earth and Decepticons. The Autobots goal is to find Alpha Trion. A battle ensued and the Autobots made a tactical retreat. Now they have pinpointed a human military base of interest and go on the offensive. We see a conflictedTF_RiD31_cvrSUB Jazz, many surprises and twists from both sides.

I really enjoyed this issue with the character development and conflict within Jazz. It really explores him well. The writing was spot on and enjoyable. What a story! I can’t wait for the next issue (again!). The art is spectacular as always. Really, this is a good solid comic worth picking up. IDW has been doing some amazing work, they also just picked up a bunch of Eisner Awards.

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