Saint Seiya High? – Saint Seiya Omega Episode 3 Review

Saint Seiya Omega continues its trek, and what an interesting journey it is so far. I’ve already expressed my concerns before about this series. Now we are on episode 3, and are introduced to our third Saint. Palaestra, the training ground for Saints is shown, and we are given a lot more nods to the original series. Is the series going into too much generic anime territory though? What about the obvious male domination of the original series? 

Palaestra is the new training ground for Saints, like the Sanctuary was before. One of the initial scenes pokes fun at the females’ mask, which is an antiquated thing. Females are obviously equal in today’s world, so we must establish this in the Saint Seiya universe. Our  female Saint hints at ties with Seiya’s teacher, Marin, the Silver Saint of the Eagle. Other than this, we also get a few familiar things. The higher-ups think Athena is still in Sanctuary, just past the twelve houses. If you want to meet up with Athena, you must pass the twelve houses. Hence, you must be a Gold Saint, or be able to pass one. Familiar huh?

The fact that no one knows about what happened or feels a sense of dread or priority is concerning. This is the same thing that happened before, so I’m not surprised. Regardless, everyone sees Kouga as a wannabe, since Seiya is currently the Saint of legend, anyone wearing the Pegasus Cloth is under intense scrutiny. The students try to gang up on Kouga since he seems weak, but he creates a diversion and escapes.

Later on, he helps Yuna realize her goal of being stronger, not having to hide behind a mask, and showing that this isn’t a male dominated world. It was meant to happen, since things are a lot different now versus when Saint Seiya first came out. Things have changed, and I’m glad a female Saint can get along without a mask. We are in an age of equality, and if you complain about this, you need to recheck your values. Yuna fights the Dorado Saint one on one, and proves her mettle. Don’t forget the main goal: Athena’s protection.

She prevents Kouga from fighting the Dorado Saint, a good idea. The old Bear Saint, Geki, is now a trainer. He confirms what we all know: being a Saint isn’t a matter of rules, it’s a matter of strength of heart! The preview for the next episode shows us something more interesting: the son of the Dragon Saint is in the academy! Ryuho, the current Dragon Saint, is training, and will meet Kouga soon, since the tie between the Pegasus and Dragon Saint will be revealed…Shiryu is mentioned…things are about to get more interesting…let’s stick around and find out how this new generation of Saints protects the values established by the previous order.

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