Saint Seiya Omega Episode 31 Review – The Jealous Girlfriend Saint?

The trek through the twelve houses continues. It is an exciting time for Saint Seiya fans. We get to see what the next generation of Gold Saints is like. That’s a big deal. This is strange in several ways, but here’s one that’s sticking out for me: the Gold Saints from Lost Canvas seemed to be all good, no one seemed evil, which is a contrast to the original cast of Gold Saints, which had some evil ones, like Cancer and Pisces. Now I am wondering how many of these new Gold Saints are good, or better said, not misguided. So far Harbinger seems like he is misguided, Leo and Capricorn are still up for debate on what their intention is. I’m getting ahead of myself though. Let’s focus on the task at hand: the new female Gold Saint of Gemini, Paradox.

We focus back on Ryuho, who seems to have been teleported to the entrance of the house of Gemini(no, I don’t know why Harbinger “punishes” the Bronze Saints by teleporting them ahead) where he decides to proceed alone. Once inside he finds talking squirrels and other animals, who tell him that the Gemini Saint is coming. She finally appears…so she can have tea and cookies with Ryuho…because she loves him. No, I’m not making this up. She goes on to explain that she was rescued at an early age by Shiryu, ¬†and that ever since she has admired him greatly, and became a Saint because of him. Thus she will spare him if he chooses to surrender…yeah.

You may be wondering why I used the title I did…go through this episode, you’ll find out why. I don’t want to give away any more spoilers, but needless to say, Ryuho refuses, and they fight. Ryuho actually begins to get the upper hand, and that’s when it happens. The girl snaps, does a total 180. As we all know, the Gemini Saint is supposed to have two “sides”, hence the twin faces on the helmet. When Paradox realizes Ryuho doesn’t love her back and he hurt her…it goes crazy from there. This is about where the episode ends. I feel that this episode spent more time on exposition than it did on combat. I know this is a new cast of characters, and we need to know about them, but I think they need to cut this down. Saint Seiya is just as much about the combat as it is the story, so we need to get some good fighting going on to get us pumped to see more.

The actual fighting that went on wasn’t too bad, and had that traditional Saint Seiya style, but there wasn’t enough of it. Pegasus and Taurus didn’t really resume their fight, so we have to wait until episode 32 to continue that. I am still really excited to see how this saga continues, there is just one problem: I am more excited because I want to compare the new Gold Saints to the old ones than to see what happens in this story overall. That isn’t good, it should be about 50/50. I will keep reporting on the new season of Saint Seiya Omega, but so far…Paradox is a pale image to Saga, Harbinger overall is close to Aldebaran. Keep checking back, I will continue to give the new Gold Saints a shot every week.

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