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Gympact IconYou might be wondering why I am reviewing this app. Well…holidays are coming, so we need money. I am not a rich person, so I am looking for ways to make a few extra bucks to buy gifts this Christmas. Plus, the Holidays are coming, so we are looking forward to great meals…and potential weight gain. I am looking to mitigate that as much as possible, so I’m thinking I can knock two birds with one stone here. Introducing Gympact.

Gympact is a free app available on both Android and iOS. The idea is you make a pact to work out a certain amount of times per week, paying an amount you set starting at $5, per times you miss. The upside is that you will get paid if you don’t miss any work outs. Yes, you are getting paid to work out. This type of app motivates you in a way that most of us like: money. The more days your pact is, the more you can potentially make per week, but the higher odds you may miss a workout and have to fork over some cash.
How does the app count your workout? There are several ways, the easiest is checking in to your local gym(you can add it if it isn’t there)through the app for at least 30 minutes. When I first tried the app back in June, it wasn’t too good at keeping track of your location, often checking you out and causing frustration. Since about two months ago, I have not been checked out unintentionally at all. You can also get a workout in by linking Gympact to one of many fitness apps, such as Runkeeper. The workouts still have to be at least thirty minutes, and for running, you have to average at least one mile per hour. There are several ways to get your workout in, whether you’re into cardio or lifting weights.
Gympact Status
So onto the important part: how does the money exchange work? Gympact uses Paypal to transfer funds. I racked up a little over $17 in about a month in a half, and requested a withdrawal. I requested it at 3PM, and got it the next night. You need to have at least $10 to make a withdrawal. Now what happens if you miss a day? I decided to try that out. You have to link a credit card, for the sole purpose of paying missed days. Since this is done weekly, you will get charged early the following week. It’s a fair system. Be warned that if you miss, it will take it out of your credit card, it will not deduct it from the money you’ve earned so far.
This is a great way to motivate yourself to work out, and more importantly, a way to make some extra money. You work out more and get money, what’s not to love? The only complaint I have with the app is that you get paid the following week for a completed pact, but the day varies. I’ve gotten paid on Tuesday, Wednesday, even Saturday. I wish it was a consistent day every week. Still, it is a solid app that can bring you both better health and money if you commit and get out there and do it. I’m currently at $18.80, so minus the $5 I paid to try that out, I’m ahead about $31 in five months. It isn’t much, but free money for staying healthy is all win in my book.

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