Secret Identity

Secret identities allow super heroes and villains function in society in anonymity. But sometimes having to live under such tightly wrapped secrets can be a burden. A burden that a lot of us share with our favorite comic characters.

Comics have a long history of tying together fantasy and reality. Many of them are set in worlds not much different than ours, which is why we love them and can often relate to them. And often times they break barriers that sometimes we’re afraid to touch let alone break.

Earlier this week DC broke a huge barrier. In light of the fight for equality for the LGBT community it’s a pretty big deal that for the first time there is an openly trans character that is also a fairly prominent character.

In Batgirl #19 written by Gail Simone; featuring artwork by Daniel Sampere and Vicente Cifuentes; Alysia Yeoh reveals to Barbara Gordon that she is a Transwoman.

[ you can read up a bit on her here]

This isn’t DC’s first time to the rodeo as there are several gay and lesbian characters in their universe. Unfortunately there will be some tables flipped but as quoted from Gail:

“I’m sure it’s controversial on some level to some people, but honest to God, I just could not care less about that. If someone gets upset, so be it; there are a thousand other comics out there for those people.”

I can stand behind this. Comics have been a huge part of society and as society evolves and moves in to the future why can’t our stories? The motion is that someone in the community will become acquainted with this character and if even for a few pages there’s someone who can relate. Someone who feels the same emotions they do. Someone who struggles like them and ultimately someone who is their hero simply for existing and surviving. The messages spread through the pages of our comics hold a great power, and as we all know “with great power comes great responsibility”. So isn’t the better of mankind our responsibility?

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