Shin Megami Tensei: Persona-fication!


Shin Megami Tensei….or rather known by it’s spin-off games like, Persona, Digital Devil Saga, Nocturne, or Devil Survivor. These games are all spun by Atlus’ wheel of fate and date a different story, characters, and mythology with every game. Those being the exception that take place either some months or years after the other like the ever popular Persona series.

And out of the different takes on ‘summoning devils’ and having a nameless protagonist that you can name to your liking, the Persona series is the most talked about, highly cosplayed, and best selling of Atlus’ time. Though fair warning,most of the Persona games from 2 and on up, have been branded with the M for Mature rating for mostly language, some sexual themes…and of course, violence. You will also be submitted the seriesfamous tagline.

“Thou art I, and I am Thou.”

Always ever since most recently, Persona 3, you follow the lives of a group of high school students who can summon a form of their psyche, called Persona to their command, form Social Links; a form of bond to help you in the endgame and strengthen your allies Persona. From Persona 3 and up, you are the nameless protagonist that NEVER gets his name said with the option of making a name for him, wether you be sent to a backwater town for a year to attend school, or achieve some greater fate…just…expect special things to happen to your main guy. Your goal, form bonds, gather Persona to fuse and strengthen your ties, and see how this year long investigation/trip/haunting/mudrer mystery..turns out in the end with your group of friends whom, based on your decisions you make, can get a wide variety of responses from them…even to the point of maxing out Social Links with multiple girls on the lovers’ route, and breaking their hearts.

Yes. I said break hearts.

Besides fighting evil by moonlight, during school days, you MUST attend school, no option…the horror of it all! And you actually LEARN historic things in Japans’ history, economy, and way of life. Watch out for exam week. That will test your knowledge of how well you ‘paid attention’ in class rather than falling asleep in class.

There are a wide variety of Persona in-game, since your character is special, he can hold a great deal of psyche’s in his mind, and fuse them together to make an even powerful Persona.. But you being the only one to be able to hold so many Persona, has it’s purpose…as well as your access to the Velvet Room. Where you meet probably one of the most crazed faces ever, with a knowledgeable voice. Igor; he is the master of the Velvet room and is here to ‘guide’ you along your journey by registering Personae in the Compendium, fusing them togther that only you can do.

Well, expect hilarious field trips to other cities, hot springs, ski trips, and the beach to satisfy any free time you want to outrageous group conversations that may leave you blushing like an idiot for what these kids come up with. Always or another, the places you fight are consisted of dungeon mazes, making your head turn at every corner. But these game series aren’t just loved because of the in-depth characters, ever changing story, turn-based battle system, but the oh so satisfying music. The Persona series music has been acclaimed as one of the best original OST’s for video games, with every theme, sound, and note different from the past game.

And by the end of the game, you’ll end up falling in love with the characters and how similar their personalities are to that of actual people, always striving to be the best game in portraying almost any type of disorder….besides fighting shadows and all.

With the latest installment of the Persona series being the re-boot version from the Playstation 2 version called Persona 4: The Golden solely for Playstation Vita. We’re sure ATLUS is on their way to making Persona 5 another hit in the series. Actual images have not been shown yet but the art director behind the designs has submitted sketches for the possible cast for the future.

We await for the ‘awakening’ to begin!

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