Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 154


THE POWER LEVEL ITS… HUGE (that’s what she said)

Welcome to Shot O’ Games podcast episode 154, brought to you by Wayne’s brand spankin’ new, super shiny and slightly larger PC rig!


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Mimi Battaglia

About Mimi Battaglia

Mimi Cheng is the main protagonist in a slice of life anime (I mean look at that hair!), but her story will never be finished. You can find her suffering over some long procrastinated cosplay or at your local conventions! You can also see/hear her and her lisp on the "Shot 'O Games" podcast or on our YouTube page. She's also a huge background player as one of our editors and admin for our Facebook page and articles. With a strong background in fashion, art and cosmetology she is one of our go-to staff members when seeking advicce on just how to nail that look!

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