Siri Meet Ziggy

imageApple iPhone 4S users have been excited about Siri, some can’t stop talking about it. Siri is a App that allows the user to ask a question and get a response back. It’s been reported to be very accurate. Now we have Ziggy on Windows Phone 7 and if you ask Ziggy he’s “definitely better than Siri.”

Ask Ziggy is the App to get on Windows Phone 7 and can give youimage the answer to some really deep and emotional questions like “Where can I get Pizza?” and the “meaning of life”. Like Siri it provides accurate answers most of the time. In fact It gave me around 20 Pizza joints closest to me within seconds. The meaning of life was very philosophical!

When talking to Ziggy I found that 95 percent of the time it understands me perfectly, the other 5 percent I just have repeat myself. Granted some of this is due to extra noise around me. If Ziggy doesn’t have the answer, it does a web search for you. All in all, I found Ziggy to be both fun and practical and best of all it’s free! Plus, it even knows my name. If you’ve got a Windows Phone 7, jump over to the marketplace and download it today!

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