Skullgirls…go paint the town red.

Well, the wait for this piece of 2d gold is over. Skullgirls hit Xbox LIVE and the PS Network last week and it was well worth the wait. The game is beautiful, and I’m not just talking about the ladies. As I said before the game’s art style and animations are beautiful, with it’s hand drawn look and fluid movements make for an impressive show. Not to mention all of the combatants are voluptuous women in…interesting wardrobes.


Parasoul and Valentine…not the most combat ready outfits but who am I to complain?


Well most of them are save for a select few and the ultimate creation of Peacock the Cyborg Cartoon Character. The gameplay is fast and hard, if you’re a veteran fighter than you’ll almost immediately find your girl and stick with her. (I personally took a shine to Peacock and Valentine) It’s hard enough for us vets and smooth enough for the newcomers to the fighting genre. The soundtrack was composed by Ms.Yamane Michiru; a brilliant Japanese composer who has made the soundtracks for most of the Castelvania games. Her dark sounds meshed with the jazz overtones gave the game’s world  a gritty almost sci-fi noir feel and it was a blast to pick a random stage and hear a catchy tune to punch your opponent in the face to. The game has a large amount of attention to detail as well, even if it’s just little things. If you defeat an opponent and she has teammates rather then just fade away from the battlefield somehow she’ll simply continue to nap right where she got her behind handed to her. That one little choice made battles flow better to me, it eliminated the need for rounds and made the fight one long flow of combat. Sure it’s not the first game to have 3 man (woman in this case) teams but the forms of your fallen comrades on the stage? That’s a new one. The voice acting is great as well, Peacock again has taken the cake for me thanks to her 1930’s cartoon goofiness, she smokes over sized cigars, call people maroons, and is pretty entertaining. All of the girl’s acting was very well done and their actresses did an amazing job. My only true issue with the game is a very slight one…it simply lacked a command list…not that veteran fighters need but a newcomer would be hard pressed to learn the specials with out it. Also the game has a crazy difficulty spike that may discourage newbies during the story mode. Other than that and the small cast currently at nine ladies, the game is fighting gold.


Dude…just…if you love fighting games and need a decent non gimmick fighter, go no further than this game. It’s totally worth it’s $20 price tag. Beautiful visuals, a great soundtrack, and gorgeous fighters make the game well worth you time. It’s not perfect but it’s damn close. Four glasses out of Five!

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