So that’s the end of that!

The season has winded down to a close, and new animes are popping up all over the place! I apologise for being so late with this, but plenty of us were behind with MTAC preparations; I’m honestly a bit behind in multiple series that ended recently, and I’m trying to catch up, but time isn’t very nice. I did drop a few series just because I couldn’t get myself to watch them, but I stuck through with most of the series; I’m just still catching up to some of them, which should be soon due to finally having Spring Break. Enough excuses from me, lets get to the reviews. Since so many have stopped at the same time, I’ll start reviewing by genre, and have multiple reviews at a time, but I’ll make them nice and short so you don’t have nightmares about walls of texts again. Let’s kick this off with comedy!

The two comedies out this season were Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou (The Daily Lives of Highschool Boys/ Nichibros) and Kill me Baby. I found both to be pretty humorous, one more than the other….but they were both enjoyable. They were in the usual “4-koma adaptation format” so there would be one 4-5 minute story, then it would present a new one until the twenty-five minute slot was filled up, so there wasn’t a real story present, just little bursts of entertainment.

The Daily Lives of High School Boys became one of my favorites of the season pretty quickly. I was getting tired of these “moeblobs” (I don’t remember where I heard that phrase, but it’s perfect) floating around, where the real appeal was the moe chibi girls or female harems, so this was a nice break from that. In fact, one of the things that amuses me the most was how high school girls were portrayed : annoying, haughty, arrogant, and bratty. Honestly, that describes most teenage girls (keep in mind I’m a teenage girl), but in this series, they really did annoy me to no end. In the end of each episode, there was a little short called “Highschool Girls are Funky” and I really hated it; the girls in this series were so dislikable, I wanted to kick every single one of them, although Ringo was somewhat likable…

So we started off with three main male characters, but then it slowly expanded to about eight or so, which made it much more entertaining as each character was different; there were the “delinquents” who were just

misunderstood (they’re on the student council!), the random ditzy guys, the silent boy, and so on. Honestly, it’s hard to explain this series and the characters as it’s just randomness that high school boys are expected to experience, but I certainly loved it; it only took one scene to make me love it. I also enjoyed the opening and closing themes, the closing much more for it’s complete randomness. It might just be a personal taste thing, but this series is pretty high up on my list of animes, and I wanted so much more, but alas, it was only twelve episodes… I think at the end, there was a hint at a second season, but I believe that was an April Fools gag set in by the one of the sponsors, Square Enix.

I really couldn't stand the female characters...

Next up, we have Kill Me Baby. It’s one of those “moeblobs”. It got kinda old after a while, as it’s mostly our two main characters, Sonya (who is supposedly an assassin) and Yasuna (a ditzy high school girl), and their silly daily lives. Of course, with Sonya being the assassin, there are times when Yasuna provokes her, and time Yasuna’s stupidity leads to her getting beat up by Sonya. There are a few other reoccurng characters, such as Agiri,who claims to be a ninja with her “special ninja techniques” which all look a little suspicious to me…The series follows the same pattern and each episode shows a month during the year and how the  main characters “progress” through their lives, from summer festivals to Christmas and New Years,  I

I found this much more amusing than I should have

found it amusing and cutesy, but after a while it became a bit old to the point I didn’t really want to watch anymore; maybe Nichibros just stole my attention for comedies, but whatever it was, it wasn’t very special in my eyes. I did get quite a few laughs out of the series in the long run. The opening and closing theme were very odd, but I enjoyed them very much and they’re also annoyingly catchy. Overall, it’s a cute series to watch, but once again, nothing really special.


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