Sony E3 2014 Recap

uncharted 4

Oh Sony. They had a good conference overall and they announced some big titles, however it felt really long and they didn’t do much to build excitement either. Well, at least from me anyway. The games were fairly impressive though, so lets talk about them.

First up was Destiny. Destiny looks like a good game, but I’ve seen so much about it that I’m really getting tired of it. Sony wanted us to make sure we knew that it was going to have a lot of Playstation exclusive content. Thats great and all, but thats pretty much the only reason it was shown it seems.

The Order 1886 was next. We have seen this game before but i haven’t really followed it much. From what i can tell is that it seems like a creepy/horror kind of game with either zombies or cannibals. Anyway, thats all i really could tell from what they presented.


Playstation has recently really been a fan of artsy games, and Entwined seems to follow suit. Entwined is about two souls in love that can’t be together. You use both analogue sticks to control the spirits. They mentioned that if the two spirits come together, they form a dragon. It definitely is a game for those wanting a unique experience and is available now for the PS4. It will also be coming to the PS3 and Vita eventually and will support Cross buy when it does.

Next up is a stand alone DLC for Infamous Second Son. Its titled Infamous First Light. I have to admit that I still haven’t played Second Son yet alone Infamous 2, so I can’t say if the girl in the DLC is related to the other games or not, but it looked like it could be fun. She seemed to have pink light powers. Anyway, you don’t need second son to play this DLC, but if you have it you will get some in game bonus.


Little Big Planet is coming to PS4 in Little Big Planet 3. The newest feature is that Sackboy now has friends; Oddsock, Taggle, and Swoop. The each have special skills: Oddsock can wall jump and run fast, Taggle can press switches and move blocks as well as shrink to fit in tight spaces, and Swoop can fly. Also LBP3 will feature every user created level from LBP and LBP2 with a graphical update, so you can enjoy levels you have already made.

Next is a new IP called Bloodborne and it just showed creepy skeletal like creatures walking around with weapons and occasionally slashing each other. We still don’t even have any info on how it might play.

Far Cry 4 was shown yet again. Since it has been shown twice already at E3 we didn’t get much new. Well, except that, exclusive to Playstation, you can invite friends into your game even if they don’t own it. That was pretty impressive and looks to be a great feature.

Dead Rising 2 was announced but literally had a trailer of a guy running, as he slowly turned into a zombie. look up the video if you want to see it.  Also announced was that Diablo III will have an update with some new levels featuring the mutants from The Last of Us. So Diablo III players look out for that fairly soon. Battlefield Hardline also made another appearance. Nothing new was released but they kept talking about the grappling hook.

Sony has also struck up a deal with Disney and they will be getting some Marvel Disney Infinity characters exclusive to a Playstation Bundle. The picture shown had Hulk, Captain America, and Hawkeye.

Magicka 2 will be coming and it looks like a great sequel to the first game, though the trailer had gameplay it was mainly a live action trailer. It was fairly funny so go check it out.

Some of the most exciting news though was that Double Fine will be remastering Grim Fandango and it will be available on PS4 and Vita. I personally love those types of games but have never gotten a chance to play Grim Fandango so it will be awesome to see how it will be remastered.

Also Sony and Devolver studios now have a partnership. Devolver will make their games exclusive to the platfom. Some of these titles include Broforce, Titan Soul, Not aHero, Hotline Miami 2, and Talos Principle

let it die

Let it Die was another new game unveiled. It had a trailer and it looked very violent, and is a PS4 Exclusive.

ABZU is a game coming to Playstation that looks a lot like Journey, but underwater. It was very pretty but we still didn’t have much information released other than Journey’s music composer is doing the games soundtrack.

No mans sky

No Man’s Sky is an indie game that involves space travel. They didn’t explain a ton about how the game play it, but every player starts off on a different planet and is free to explore it, and fly to other players planets. this game looks beautiful and it looks like you can possibly have ship battles while flying around in space. Also, since every player starts off on a new planet the game is pretty much infinite in size.

Sony then took a break to talk about hardware. The will be enhancing the Playstation Eye camera. The also announced that Project Morpheus (VR headset) was going to be available at the Sony booth. Youtube will be coming to the PS4, both in app form as well as video uploading. There will be an added feature where on Twitch and Ustream, spectators voices can be heard by the player and effect what he or she can do it seems. The Playroom will also be updated with broadcasting sets to put in your gameplay videos. They also announced that there will be more Free to Play Xbox games including Kingdom Under Fire 2, and Planetside 2.

Playstation Now was talked about. It will start with only PS3 games, but will gradually add on the older system games as well. It will have an open beta starting on July 31st and it will be available through Sony tvs as well, and all you will need is a Dualshock 3 controller.

The Vita wasn’t talked about much. They did talk about Remote Play being a success and that there were over 100 Vita titles being made.

Playstaiton TV allows your to remote play Playstation games on your tv. It will also be compatible with Playstaton Now. it will retail at $99 or they will have a bundle that include the Lego Movie game and a controller for $139.


Mortal Kombat X will be coming to PS4 as well. We saw a gameplay trailer and it looks like there could be some new characters this time. It looks like a great Mortal Kombat and should be worth checking out for fans of Fighting games.

Sony will also start making Playstation original programming. So, to start this line off they will make a show based on the graphic novel Powers. Powers was written by Bryan Michael Bendis, who is one of the best selling comic authors of all time, and he will produce this as well. The show will be about a detective/cop solving crimes involving superheros. Playstation Plus members will have access to the full series and all PSN members will be able to view the first episode.

ratchet movie

Also, Ratchet and Clank are getting a movie next year. It looks to follow the first game, and it could be pretty cool. Also the first game will be remade for the PS4.

We are almost done now. They showed a few more game trailers, they were not talked about at all, but the trailers were for Metal Gear Solid 5 Phantom Pain, GTA V (PS4), Batman Arkham Knight, and Uncharted 4 A Thiefs End. All of these games looked amazing, and you would be better off to watch the trailers of them. It would do the games more justice that what i can tell you about them.

So as you can see there are a lot of good things coming to the Playstation systems. However i find one thing very lacking: RPGs. I love RPGs and one of the bonus’ that Sony has over Microsoft is a better selection of wRPGs and jRpgs. None of these were shown. I still haven’t upgraded to a next gen system yet, and to leave out a genre as prevalent as RPGs was a mistake in my opinion. Xbox at least showed Dragon Age. In the end I didn’t feel like Sony had anything to make me feel like I needed to own a PS4 immediately. Over all it was nice but, they still haven’t convinced me that it is the superior console as of yet.

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