Spring Anime 2012 (Round 3)

Blech, exam time. Sorry I haven’t been keeping up to date as well as I should have, I’m bad at managing time, and with school and trying to kick off an Etsy (I’m trying to raise money for cosplay, so support would be nice!), time hasn’t been very gracious. I still have a lot to get to, but I’ll try as much as hard as I can.

Acchi Kocchi- This is the definition of a moe blob! Though I have do have to admit, it was really adorable…The story is about two friends who have a pretty close bond to one another; the girl,Tsumiki (the little chibi girl) is too shy/tsundere-ish to say anything about her true feeling for the boy, Io; Io however is just oblivious to everything and so it’s pretty much about their “journey”. Their friends all know about Tsumiki’s feelings, so they prety much just poke at the two and tease them. This is another one of those gag comedies, so you can’t pin down much more than that, but it really is adorable and amusing. It might have a little something for everyone.

Ginga e Kickoff!!- More soccer (football for those you in countries that names things logically)! This one wasn’t all that interesting to me; I think it might be aimed at a more general audience, so that’s why. From what I picked up from the first episode, it’s really just about a young boy who wants to play soccer, but he’s not all that great at it and his teams disbanded. One day he sees a girl and her dog playing soccer together, and he’s so overwhelmed by their skills, he wants the girl to mentor him. Well he has to prove himself by playing against the dog, and I’ll leave it to your imagination (and watching the anime) to find out what happens. Once again, it’s towards a general audience, so it’s pretty lighthearted and has a lower sense of humor primarily aimed at kids.

Nazo no Kanojo X- I’ve been reading the manga for this, and anime sticks pretty close to the story (though I don’t imagine there’s much to mess up in just the first episode). At first it was weird, but it’s anime, so I got over it as there’s probably weirder out there. The story is about a boy’s, Tsubaki’s, strange experiences with Urabe, a female transfer student. Urabe isn’t normal compared to all the other girls; rather than talking and sharing stories about where she came from and why she moved, she’d much rather just sleep. She’s seen as the weird girl, and eventually everyone just leaves her be. One day, Tsubaki had to run back to school because he forgot something, and Urabe’s still asleep at her desk. He wakes her up, she gets up and goes home. This is where things get weird; Tsubaki sees that Urabe had drooled on the desk, and without thinking, he tastes it. Some more strange things happen, but you’ll just  have to see for yourself~ If you overlook that odd detail (even though it plays a large role in the series) it’s actually a fairly cute romance series (though I’d say it’s more shonen due to the fanservice), so I’d still suggest taking a look at it.

Shining Hearts ~Shiawase no Pan~-  I can’t even begin to tell you how little the first episode actually touches on the entire synopsis. I ended up reading it after watching the episode, and my mind was blown…The synopsis leads to you believing that a storm passed by and a girl had washed shore, and is taken in by a baker. This girl, Kaguya, can’t remember a thing, but now the island is swarming with pirates because they want her necklace. So then a baker and the girls he works with do what they can to restore peace, the girl’s memory, and the island back to it’s former state. Well from what I got from the first episode, Rick is a baker, and there are three kinda annoying girls who work with him. They’re in charge of a popular bakery, and they go around delivering bread when they get the chance to. One day, on the way back to their village, they spot a poor little creature that looks hurt, so they give it some bread and take it back to where it belongs: the Elf forest. They get there, and they meet two people, one is a teenage looking girl, and another is her brother. The brother wants nothing to do with them, and tells them to leave, while the girl is kind and just says not to go too deep into the forest, and to bring some bread if it’s not a burden. Something about Rick being “the one” goes on, and the storm seems to be on its way, as predicted by Rick. This one seems to make me think of an RPG, for some odd reason…but it looks promising, so it’s worth checking out, the story just takes a bit to get where it should be going, just hopefully not 8 episodes like Mouretsu Pirates.

Uchuu Kyoudai- This one wasn’t anything like I expected; I thought it would be a drama, but nope, it’s a comedy. All that there really is to this, is that two brothers, who used to adventure outside all the time and record what they found, once believed they had seen a UFO. This lead to them dreaming to become astronauts, but only the younger of the two made it. The oldest was very successful, however, as he had created (what I think is) an environmental car, and everyone had switched over to using them, but he headbutted his boss for taking his younger brother as a joke, so not only was he fired, he was blacklisted in the automobile industry. So he moves back home and his parents nag him about how pathetic he is. Well word gets to the younger brother, and he surprises his older brother with something from their childhood, which leads to the start of them fulfilling their dreams. I liked it quite a bit, I haven’t see many animes that have just a bit of comedy thrown into them lately; normally it’s full out comedy, or full out drama, so I’m definitely keeping up with it.

ZETMAN- I think this was highly anticipated alongside Accel World; after the first episode, I can see why it had such a hype. This is a world where human are modified into beasts known as players, and are pitted against one another in matches that the wealthy would bet upon. One night something goes terribly wrong, and an extremely dangerous player escapes and goes on a a killing spree; no one can track him down, as he can kill someone in the blink of an eye, without moving an inch. Moving on to our main character, we meet a young boy, with a strange marking on his hand, who lives with his grandfather; the boy’s name is Jin, and he grew up in a very poor state, however he doesn’t let that get to his want of justice and money. He goes off to help people in their time of need, granted they pay him back in return, with two children from a wealthy family. One day, Jin so happens to help a lady that works for an escort club, so she decides to offer to treat him in return. Meanwhile, the children from a wealthy family get into trouble with their father for getting involved with Jin as he’s  poor; Jin returns home after getting dinner with they lady, and finds his grandfather has been murdered. He tries to contact his friends, but their father finds out and refuses to let them talk to him. Jin then ends up running to the lady from the escort club, and she helps him and takes him in as her own, but once again  things take a turn for the worst, and that mysterious player shows up, but that strange marking seems to have a power that wills Jin to fight. Episode one was a back story episode, and there must be a time skip at some point (sorry this is one of the animes that I haven’t had time to watch yet….). I definitely will pick this up once I get the time to kick myself back on track and catch up with everything.

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