Suddenly, anime. Everywhere.

Christ, I’m so behind. I apologise! The Spring season kicked off the same week as MTAC, and I still haven’t recovered; there are still many series I haven’t gotten to, but I will try to be back up to date by next week. So far, from what I’ve see, there are some series that left me in awe, while some were more of “Wha-wh-Japan, what are you guys thinking!?” Of course El Culero has Saint Seiya covered (it wasn’t from my time, and at 100+ episodes, I don’t think I’ll be able to catch up in time), and hopefully I’ll get Khaos to help out too, but within the next few weeks, first impressions of the latest series should be take care of! I’ll have to make them short and precise at this rate, however, but I’ll be sure to get my point across.

Accel World

I’m not too sure about it, but I think this series had a pretty large hype surrounding it. Well, I didn’t know more than the synopsis out, about all these series that came out (and often I didn’t even read the synopsis). If there was hype, I certainly hope the anime lived up to it. I thought it was pretty great. The series is set in a highly technological Japan, where students have a fancy gear that allows them to see screens in front of them, access the internet, etc. Well our main character, Haruyuki Arita, is that chubby kid the “tough boys” like to pick on. Things are rough for Haruyuki, and his only escape would be an MMORPG (which he can access with the fancy mechanism), where he holds the top rank in a game (which may or may not be called) racquetball. He somehow gains the attention of one of the popular girls, while in the game, and she offers to help him in real life. From there things get weird, as this girl introduces Haruyuki to Accel World, a program which allows him to move incredibly fast so he can think before he acts.

One thing that really drew me into the series was the artwork. The art changed while the characters moved into the MMORPG world, and it really did make me think of an online game; the drastic colors and elaborate avatars were one thing that really stood out, (although it made me think of the art of Odin Sphere, which is a good thing in a sense as I love the artwork in that game) as in the “real world” colors and shading weren’t as apparent as they were in the “game”. It didn’t absorb me as much as it could have, since the mood it gave off isn’t exactly the type that sucks me in, but it definitely was interesting to watch, I recommend checking this out if you like series of similar feel to the main 3 (Naruto, Bleach, One Piece) action, fantasy, or if you enjoy MMORPGs.

Sakamichi no Apollon-

 It’s been quite a long time since I’ve scratch that, I don’t think I’ve ever really watched a music related anime; I’ve read mangas of them but never animes (which somewhat defeats the purpose, I know…), so this series came as a surprise (honestly, I’ve stopped reading synopsises at this point). To sum up the starting point of this anime, the year is 1966 (so things aren’t as advanced as today); a new kid, Kaoru, moves into town, as his father is busy so he has to live with his aunt and cousin (who are jerks), and he doesn’t like it. Transferring isn’t much of a big deal to Kaoru so he pretends like it’s nothing, when in truth, he gets nervous and his only relief is the rooftop of the school, where he can get fresh air. Things start off bad as everyone sees him as the snooty rich kid, and instantly, he has to run up to the rooftop. Before this, the class president informs Kaoru of the delinquent; guess who he meets on the roof? Well things happen, and the next thing you know the class president, Kaoru, and the delinquent find something that interests them all; jazz music. And there ends episode one.

Being a teenage girl, I’m fond of slice of life dramas, so I really liked this series so far; you action lovers probably won’t like it, so move along if you wish. This series was stated to be a “coming of age” series,if that means anything to you;so essentially, if you like dramas, music,school life/slice of life animes, you’ll probably appreciate this series.

Arashi no Yoru ni –

in all honesty, I wasn’t fond of this, but it IS based off a children’s book. It’s as the synopsis goes : a goat and a wolf befriend each other. One night there’s a dark, heavy storm, and the goat runs into a shed in the forest out of fear. Coincidentally, a wolf goes in too after he injures himself. The two talk a bit, thinking they’re the same species, and leave, planning to meet up the next day. And so they do, only to find they’re prey and predator, but they become friends regardless. I really didn’t like this so I didn’t pay too much attention to any details, other than it has a different animation to it. I’m not going to continue watching this, so if you want more on this, sorry, but you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Ozuma-  The first episode of Ozuma left a lot to wonder. There wasn’t much of a back story to the series other than the sand was like the ocean in this world. I’m probably missing a lot of details from this series, but all I got out of it is that there’s a lot of sand (due to climate change on the Earth), the main character finds a girl the military is trying to capture, the boy brings her to his village, and the main military is threatening to invade the city to get her back; basically what the synopsis states. It didn’t really appeal to me, but it probably takes a few episodes to get into it. I’m not such a big fan of the art; it’s more “cartoony” like Lupin, but I won’t let that get in the way of the story. I can say for sure I’ll need more than the first episode to leave a lasting impression.


I’m not sure how to respond to this anime… So this story goes, that there’s a high school that gets a new teacher to be homeroom to an all girls’ class. Well what he doesn’t know is that the girls are “special”. Not special as in challenged, but, uh, different. These girls are personified guns and rifles (Choosing to skip the synopsis, at first I thought it was a genderswap Hetalia, but it isn’t). So anyways, the new teacher runs into one of the students and asks her to show him how to get to the school, so she does. Well for some reason, they make a big deal that this girl wears a thong (in some way it relates the to gun she’s supposed to be; don’t ask me, I’m not  a gun person), and long story short, the teacher lands in the hospital two times for mentioning it.

I’m pretty sure this is geared more towards fanservice as opposed to a legit story, but that’s just my say. It appears to be yet another moeblob, comedic, fanservice-y series. It’s not blatantly graphic at least, so for sure it doesn’t make me want to drop the series; I’m actually curious as to how this develops since comedies generally have several paths to take.


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