Summer 2012 Anime continued

Chitose Get You!!- I hope senpai notices me! This is an odd short…like all you need to know, is that it’s about a little girl in elementary school who is obsessed with a man who works in an office nearby. I just found it odd…it’s a comedy and runs for the length of most other shorts, so if it perks your interests, might be something to look into, but it’s a no-go for me. The idea of a 6year old girl (I’m assuming she’s six) fussing over this much older guy she doesn’t know, sounds just as annoying as most sappy shoujo animes out there. It could just be that I don’t really like comedies with little kids that much; I didn’t like Mitsudomoe much either…

Chouyaku Hyakuninisshu Uta Koi- This is a somewhat historical anime; I can’t explain it well due to all the historical context, but, uh, here’s the synopsis :

  • “Uta Koi tells the “super-liberal interpretation” of the Hyakuninisshu anthology compiled during Japan’s Heian period of 100 romantic poems from 100 different poets such as The Tale of Genji’s Murasaki Shikibu.”

So yeah. I vaguely remember learning about Genji Murasaki Shibuka in World history, but that’s all I can say. Each episode is an anime adaptation of the poems. They’re all love poems, of a sort, but it’s actually quite charming. You have some comedic moments, of course, but it’s much more based on getting the poem’s story out there. This adds to the increase of josei animes (I’m not complaining~), and due to the girlier romantics of the anime, I like it!

Campione!- I haven’t seen much of this around ever since I saw the pre-air; I’m probably just not playing close enough attention. The anime’s story seems a bit cliched; so Kusanagi Godo’s grandpa is a collector and he tells Kusanagi to go and return this engraved stone tablet to a lady in a Mediterranean country. He meets a young girl named Erica, and she starts ranting about the artifact he is holding, stuff happens and then he has to defeat a legendary beast because he is “the one”. I’m pretty sure that all happens in one episode (i’m tired and I can’t remember a thing right now) and that’s all I remember. It didn’t leave much of an impact on me, but honestly, all I can remember about this season are things that I wish I hadn’t seen (meaning the ecchi series) so sorry if I’m lacking there.

Oda Nobuna no Yabou- This anime starts out with a guy who wakes up in the middle of a battlefield. “ok, well he probably got knocked out”, no he’s from the future. Sagare Yoshiharu is a 17 year old boy who somehow gets knocked into “the past” (I believe it’s based off of some video game he played, but I got confused), and is in the time period of the princess (I’m probably wrong on this, I saw it a while ago and forgot about it) emperors. Since he knows what is going to happen, the emperors all pretty much spare him and treat him as someone kinda significant, if he’s needed, so that things don’t get out of hand and people aren’t fighting over territory. It is a historical anime at times, but 49% of the time it is perverted teenage boy, 13% -deres, 13% comedy,  20% historical, and 5% political in all. I’m not a fan of harem or historical animes (especially politics related ones), so I lost interest halfway through.

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