Super Platinum Brothers: Anarchy (Demo and Game news)

While I have been trapped in the Skullgirls vortex, it seems that a demo of Platinum Games’ latest title Anarchy Reigns (Max Anarchy in Japan) has been released on both the Playstation Network and Xbox Live. Unfortunately, the demo is only available for Japanese accounts on both systems, but thankfully there is an easy (yet overly complicated) solution for non-Japanese citizens. For PSN users, you simply have to, well, make a Japanese account; that much is pretty easy as long as you can figure out how to navigate menus. For XBL users, you must undergo a more. . . difficult process in order to get your hands on the demo, which can be found here thanks to the ever lovely users of NeoGAF, so hop on it and join the carnage! I’ve played a bit of the demo myself, and words cannot explain how much fun I’ve had with it. For those unclear of what the heck Anarchy Reigns is, be sure to hit the jump.

If Platinum Games sounds at all familiar to you, then it means that you are a true hardcore action gamer, so pat yourself on the back. Platinum Games created the (somewhat) popular titles Mad World for the Nintendo Wii and Bayonetta for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Both of those games were over-the-top, innovative action games, so to hear that the company is devoting their time to make yet another over-the-top action game – an over-the-top multiplayer battle royale action game at that (that would be Anarchy Reigns, of course) – is nerdgasmic news. So, yeah, there really is not all that much to explain, so I’ll just let these clips do the rest of the talking for me (contains some NSFW language, so watch for the boss and the kiddies): [youtube]


You can also find more awesome videos on Platinum Games’ Youtube channel.

Another important note that I would like to add is that while the game is finished and ready for both Japanese and NA/EU/AUS release (the demo even has English text and voice-overs), the game has a release date of July 5th for Japan, yet for everywhere else the game has been delayed. The reasoning? Sega is apparently looking for the “best time” to release the game. Most people here will agree that “as soon as possible” is the best time, so please take the time to voice your opinions to Sega concerning this matter so that Anarchy Reigns may see the light of our TV screens before it fades away from our minds forever.

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