Superior Spider-Man

I’m always reading comic books, with a very large collection of both physical and digital books. One series and story arc I recently read was the Superior Spider-Man. Released in 2013-2014 this arc crossed into some trippy, creepy, and awesome areas. It’s one of my recommended reads and I’ll go over why. Fair warning of spoilers; so go read them and come back. Okay, Doc I warned you.

The story begins with one of Spider-Man’s longest running foes beating our beloved, quick witted hero. Peter Parker is dead and Otto Octavius whom is dying has implanted his devious mind in Parker’s body. Doc Ock is now Peter Parker and the Superior Spider-Man. Creepy, right? But it’s what Octavius does, that is unexpected.

He takes on the responsibilities of Spider-Man, he becomes the best hero he can while becoming the best Peter Parker as well. He’s trying to do the right thing, creates an army of Spider-bots to patrol the city. He’s got eyes and ears everywhere, takes down the sinister six. But he is brutal to his enemies and the Avengers are suspicious.

Ock/Spidey crosses the line in killing a villain. He does it again when Mayor J. Jonah Jameson commands him to do so. Killing Smythe when he tries to escape his execution. Did I mention ole J.J is mayor of New York? Talk about trippy. Our vastly Superior hero secretly recorded that conversation and blackmails Jameson.

With Jameson at his mercy, Parker/Octavius builds an army- a Spider Army and attacks the Shadowland, crushing the Kingpin (read to find his fate!) and eliminating a lot of crime. But not all, the Green Goblin has a army of sorts all his own and exploits Otto’s spider-bots.

Spider-Man 2099 comes to town for a crazy adventure to save the future while Otto starts dating Anna Maria Marconi. Enter the Black Cat, Stunner, and some awkwardness. Otto starts Parker Industries and become a successful businessman, but, well distracted because he does whatever a spider does.

Soon Flash comes to visit his pal Peter and Otto seeing Venom as a threat, devises a plan to steal the symbiote. Things go wrong and the Superior Venom is born and he does some horrible things. Luckily, Flash and Iron put an end to that ruthless menace. Still, Otto quits the Avengers while the Goblin problems worsens.

The arc ends with a big battle between the Goblins, Jameson’s Spider Slayers and the Superior Spider-Man.Somebody’s figured out Otto’s secrets. It’s all out war and I don’t want to spoil the ending, but it’s really Amazing. What really stands out in this arc is the subtle, but big changes we seen. The arrogance of Otto coming out the mouth of Peter/Spidey. The wit disappears and a bad guy realizes the responsibility of great power. Parker’s relationships fracture and new ones form, he pushes Mary Jane away and falls in love with Anna Maria. His friends see the difference, his enemies scared, and his team mates don’t know what to make of it. It also sets the stage for some truly amazing stories. Can Parker be the next Stark? It also spins a web with the Spider-Verse. Dan Slott did an amazing job written this captivating story and I found the artwork by Ryan Stegman, Humberto Ramos and Giuseppe Camuncoli edgy and complementary to the story. Serious go read this.

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