Yes folks you read that right! T3h Fighting Geek using an arcade stick!Hello everyone, I’m Fidel and Im here to bring you the latest news about the world of Fighting Games and the community itself!True to word, I myself a former button masher and joys stick destroyer of all arcade cabinets. Since then I have played along side with major tournament and local players around the community. Knowing the skills that these gamers have is unquestionable and very knowledgeable to improve upon. I enjoy playing Marvel vs Capcom 2, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Street Fighter 3 Thrid Strike, and Super Street FIghter IV AE!

Everyone spread the word, the Fighting Game Community is alive and well. Local tournaments in your area are starting as I type. Live major tournaments is streamed live online and just a click away! You may never know if the person your standing next to is a tournament player themselves!

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About Fidelino Jimenez

Fidel Jimenez is a fighting game fanatic and a member of the Fight Game Community in San Diego. A love for photography, a comic book geek, movie junkie and a tech savvy individual. He is also a talk show host of the famed Shot O' Games Podcast.

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