Developers may Crush (our hopes and expectations)

When the latest Devil May Cry game was announced, I was beaming with joy until the first trailer was revealed. Like most people, I was quite skeptical and did not exactly imagine that anything good could come out with Ninja Theory’s drastic change in direction on the DMC franchise. But I remained hopeful and open-minded. Even with sub-par trailer after sub-par trailer and a pre-release DLC announcement (sigh…), I truly believed that this new DmC had potential to be a good, well, Devil May Cry. Recently, however, my hopes have been dashed.  Continue reading

You Get Full Bar Reception in Heaven (El Shaddai review)

I remember playing the demo for El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron sometime back, and the first thing I thought was “Oh my goodness, this game is gorgeous.” Unfortunately, that was about all that I could say was interesting about the game. After playing both Devil May Cry 4 and Bayonetta, I found the combat in the demo to be quite stale; to me it just felt like a button masher with a fair amount of challenge. The game quickly disappeared from my mind. However, after the game had released and dropped in price (shoutouts to the wallets of jobless high school students), I decided to give the game a try. 

Continue reading