Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 140


Well looks like we’ve another shocking news for you guys on this episode! We have a short review for a game called Dying Light, news about XBox Live game sale and also for the Playstation Network. But the news we have for you, well it coincide wit the infamous Bite of ’87!

The Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode #112

LOOT CRATE JUNEOh yeah here we are yet again! Another episode of total news this past week! Wayne signed up for Loot Crate and got a Transformers Crate and came with a Marty McPrime shirt, pretty cool! We also talk about whats going on with the “Destiny’s $500 Million” budget! Feel free to push that play button!

This Shouldn’t be this much Fun – Plague Inc. Review

We love video games. On top of being fun and giving us fantastic stories, they give us the chance to try and do things we would never do in the real world. We know it’s a fictional world, so we want the chance to get wild every once in a while. That being said, my latest Android game review is in a “genre” that I completely missed until now: disease simulator, or at least that’s how I see it. You have one objective in Plague Inc.: create and release a disease somewhere in the world, and evolve it to your heart’s content so that hopefully it infects and kills everyone in the planet. Sounds morbid? It kind of is, but it has its hooks in me, keep reading to find out more. Continue reading

Quick and Fun Racing – Turbo Kids Review

I’ve never been the biggest fan of racing games. With very few exceptions, mainly Forza and Burnout, I’ve never been that big of a fan. I know I still need to get Blur though, and I don’t count Mario Kart as a regular racing game, and I do love Mario Kart. I have noticed that these games are better on mobile devices. I really enjoyed playing Asphalt 5 on my Xperia Play last year. It’s been a while since I’ve had a racing game on my phone, and through the magic of Google Play’s recommendations, I came across DroidHen’s Turbo Kids. It’s a racing game involving…kids. So join me, as I bring another Android game review. Let’s give this one a shot. Continue reading

Whispersync for Games – Why The Kindle Fire HD has my Attention

I game everywhere. It’s no secret. While I do support Android as my mobile platform of choice, I do have one big complaint as someone who has several Android devices and changes phones about every 10 months: no progress is saved in my games. This makes it hard to really dedicate a lot of time to any one game, since I know that at one point it will all be gone. Home consoles have had an excuse thus far, but a device that has an almost “always on” connection, like a phone, does not. Cloud saving in games is something that needs to come to Android, like, yesterday. It looks like someone did something about it, but it isn’t Google. It’s Amazon. Continue reading

Go Back to Space – Strikefleet Omega Review

I game a lot on my phone, in case it isn’t obvious. This is probably why my battery life is so low…but I digress. Time for another Android game review. I do love strategy games, and I’m always up for something with a bit of a twist. I always need something I can play for a few minutes and stop, since I do most of my gaming on my phone during my breaks at work. Strikefleet Omega is a strategy game by 6waves, with short levels and a nice progression system. It has a campaign and survival mode, all touchscreen controls, nice graphics, all the trappings of a good game. How does it play though?  Continue reading

A Joyful Free Ride – Jetpack Joyride Android Review

Halfbrick is one of my favorite mobile developers. The creators of Fruit Ninja, Age of Zombies, and many other games is no stranger to the mobile space. They stand for quality, and whenever they release a game, I pay attention. They mostly focus on iOS(boo!), but do give Android some love from time to time. I was insanely addicted to Age of Zombies last year. Barry Steakfries is a fantastic protagonist, and the humor in his adventures is something I enjoy quite a bit. We now have Barry’s newest adventure on Android, Jetpack Joyride. It’s a side scrolling game that follows a variant of what I now call “Temple Run” style games: you go through levels acquiring coins, with different objectives that give you more coins, which you use to buy upgrades that you can use to…get more coins. Simplistic but it works. How does it make it rounds here though? Continue reading

Welcome to Die! – X-Men Arcade Android Review

I grew up in the arcades. I really did. It is a great way to socialize, and it really teaches you a lot about economy. You learn to value that quarter, which in turn makes you realize the value of money. Seriously. Once you see how much that quarter gives, you know how much it’s really worth. That being said, us arcade brethren grew up on challenges. One of these was the X-Men arcade game. This game was large, and gave me lots of frustration and joy. It was recently released on Android, so I had to give it a shot. We have another Android game review…how did it do? Continue reading

It’s a Good Jog – Temple Run Android Review

I’m an Android supporter through and through. I know that there aren’t as many games on this platform as there are on the iOS. I’m OK with that. I know there are games on iOS that I want but are not available to me. I love Android to much to defect, so I live with this fact. One game that looked interesting to me was Temple Run by Imangi Studios. I know we have a lot of games with the common “Run & Jump” concept, but Temple Run seemed different. It has unlockables, good production values, and seeming lasting value. It was finally released for the Android O.S last week, and I’ve given it a good run through. I tested this game on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus. How is it? Continue reading