Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 186

So, we’re a bit tired from this past week since life hit us hard! Today’s news we talk about the upcoming new Pokemon Sun and Moon, Killer Instinct Season 3,  and more news about the upcoming Doom game!

GMX Volume 7 and Comikaze 2015 Pics!!

Nerds, geeks, and all other denominations in between and on either side, we have pics up from GMX Vol. 7 in Nashville, TN and from Comikaze 2015 in Los Angeles, CA!! The pics from either can be found by clicking the pic of the convention you want to see above! We hope you had a good time and we look forward to bringing you more media and pics from upcoming conventions! If you like them, leave us a like on Facebook and tag yourself or anyone else you know in the pics!

We also have our giveaway! Spread the word around and if we can get to 500 likes, we’ll throw in a prize giveaway! HARK!!

Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 140


Well looks like we’ve another shocking news for you guys on this episode! We have a short review for a game called Dying Light, news about XBox Live game sale and also for the Playstation Network. But the news we have for you, well it coincide wit the infamous Bite of ’87!

The Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 117


Well this is our second favorite podcast because it is the Post Comic-Con Podcast! In this episode we talk about what we saw inside and outside of Comic-Con from Game Lounges, booths, panels! We took pics of great cosplay and more! Make sure to look at our Facebook page to see all the pics!

Summer is Winding Down, but the Fall Season Isn’t Letting Up!

I’m really bad at procrastinating, sorry! I’m going to combine the reviews for the summer 2013 anime season and what’s out for the fall 2013 season, and I’ll have one more article (hopefully just one) like this; I’ll divide them upon season! Continue reading

The Heat is Starting Up, and So is the Anime!

I’m back! Sorry about the lack of anime, the last few months of school were pretty rough, so I fell behind in anime, but I’ll keep up this time. I’ve watched pretty much everything out this season and there are many great series out!

Continue reading

Why Anime is Bad for You.


So anime is pretty great. It takes through the realm of the 2D and bombards you with things such as love, magic, power levels, spiky hair, outrageously large meat buns, swords-that-are-large-sheets-of-metal-which-are-totally-not-overcompensating-for-something, and of course, the feels. Anime has had an impact on the lives of many geeks, for better or worse, and while it has opened up many doors leading to happiness and whatnot, it has also opened up trapdoors to places that should have never existed. With that said, we’ll now open up those forbidden scrolls and talk about why anime is bad for you. Continue reading