To Infinity and Beyond: First Look at Disney Infinity

Following in the wake of the popular Skylanders games, in which you buy figurines to play as different characters and levels, we have a new challenger to our wallets: Disney Infinity. Continue reading

Apple Users, I Told You So

imageI don’t want to come off sounding like that, but too often I talk to Apple users who just flat out refuse to believe that malware could infect their expensive Apple branded computer. Threats for the OS X platform have been rising. This is partly due to the rise in sales and popularity of Apple computers and the change from the PowerPC processing architecture to Intel. Enter Flashback and many users are in panic mode!

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Kanex at CES 2012

IMG_5663One of the first booths I visited at CES this year was Kanex who were showing off quite a few cool products. While they focus primary on accessories for Apple products, the also have a a treat those of us with Bluetooth phones and music players. Let’s take a closer look at a few products they were showing off.

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