Injustice: Gods Among Us Comic Issues 13-15 Review

Injustice Comic Cover 5

I’m a bit confused. I thought that this series would end right before the game came out, to make it an easy segway for those who wanted the game on release to get the full story experience. Apparently I was wrong, as this last week we got issue 15, and it’s still going to continue. That being said, things are continuing to get personal, as Superman is becoming more of a dictator than a hero, albeit a benevolent one(for the most part).

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Injustice: Gods Among Us Comic Issues 10-12 Review

Injustice Comic Cover 4

Alliances are being made, the lines are being drawn in the sand, and things are changing in the world of Injustice. We are seeing a side of Superman we have not really seen before. The closest thing would be the Superman in the Justice League animated series in the Justice Lords angle. We must not forget that this is a world that was already divided: land and sea. The king of Atlantis has been silent…until now.

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Injustice: Gods Among Us Comic Issues 7-9 Review

Injustice Comic Cover 3

Things are getting real in the Injustice world. We now have a Superman who wants to police the entire world. The way Superman has always been presented, he truly believes in a world of black and whites. Good and evil. Nothing in between. Now that he wants to be the main source of order, how will things go? This is what issues 7-9 are tackling, and a few other things. How does it go? Continue reading

Injustice: Gods Among Us Comic Issues 4-6 Review

Injustice Comic Cover 2

It’s getting…interesting in the Injustice comics. We have once again seen how evil and maniacal the Joker can be, this time reaching the very soul of the man of steel. Now that the Joker has committed one of the biggest crimes in his life, what is the backlash from Superman? How about the Justice League? Let’s find out. Continue reading

Injustice: Gods Among Us Comic Issues 1-3 Review

Injustice Cover 1

Injustice is the talk of the town this week. Just released yesterday, Injustice: Gods Among us promises to be the first real high quality DC fighting game. NetherRealms claims that the story is a big focus for them. To this end, they have released a comic series to lead into the story in the main game. Everyone loves prequels right? I have picked up all these issues, which cost 99 cents each(Except the first issue, it is being offered free for a limited time). I did this through the DC comics app on my Galaxy Note 2. I will review them in three issue increments, since they are quickly digested. How did it turn out? Let’s find out.

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Comic-Con 2012 Wrap Up Part 2

IMG_0509Through a sinister plot by the Joker I found myself wandering into a panel he surely thought would bore me to death! However, it was quite interesting. The Batmobile panel was all about the Documentary on, you guess it, the Batmobile and the different versions from the 60’s to the modern day Tumbler of Batman Begins, Dark Knight and the upcoming Dark Knight Rises. The panel had the owners and/or designers of Batmobiles on hand and were discussing things like engineering and the cost of building these masterpieces. Surprising to myself, was Jeff Dunham on the panel as he happens to have bought one of the Batmobiles some years ago. We were treated to a Twenty-Two minute preview of the documentary and I must say this looks very good.IMG_0574 Lot’s of information that you probable never even thought about. I think just about everyone will enjoy this forthcoming documentary. Also down in front of the Hilton Bayfront all 5 Batmobiles and the Camo Tumbler were on display. These are wonder vehicles, masterpieces of engineering and an art form of themselves.

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Damn Jokers – Gotham City Impostors Mini Review

I love Batman. Have I established that? He is my favorite fictional character ever, and that is because he is the best ever. But that’s a tirade for another day. I’m here to report on the first spin-off game for the Dark Knight. Yes, spin-off. I’m sure you all expected it after the awesomeness that was Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. Anyway, so our first spin-off is an FPS. Already worried. How is it?  Continue reading