Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 58 – Out of the Dark

Darkstalkers_Resurrection_slide-500x325Con season is back in full swing! As Mimi and Jesse cover Kawaii Kon, we cover the gaming side of things back here! We talk more about Tomb Raider, we discuss Darkstalkers Resurrection, the latest gaming news, PAX East predictions, and much more! Tune in for your shot of games! Let the good times roll!


Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 57 – Lara is Back

tomb raiderIt’s time for your shot of gaming! It’s been a bit of a slow week, but for the first time in a while, the entire podcast team gets a game at launch at the same time. We all go over Tomb Raider, the latest happenings in the San Diego fighting game community(Viscant drinks a beer!), Battle Cats, Simcity shenanigans, and much more!

Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 56 – Gotta Catch Up

UMVC3It’s a little late, but here is your weekly shot! We try to recover from the Playstation 4 news hangover, we talk about the latest news, Rambo the video game, the latest happenings in the San Diego Fighting Game community, Xbox Live Indie games, and much more! Battle Cats, random items, Fantastic Fivesome…yes, it’s a wild one. Make sure you tune in!


Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 55 – Playstation 4 Shennanigans

dualshock 4We’re back to give you your weekly Shot O’ Games! In this week’s episode, we go over all the Playstation 4 hoopla that just happened this last week, we discuss what we’re looking forward to in the next generation of gaming, what’s happening in the world of games…and random stuff. That’s always there, don’t worry folks 🙂


Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 52 – A Fine Year Past

Street Fighter X Tekken Ryu KenIt’s been a year since the first Shot, and we’re still going strong! No hangover, we go over some of our favorite moments of the last year of Podcasts, the Street Fighter X Tekken 2013 patch, the latest rumors on the upcoming consoles, and of course, plenty of randomness. Join us for this very special episode, take your Shot! [podcast][/podcast]


Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 51 – SCR & Memories

battle catsTime for the Shot of the week! We talk about Fidel’s experience at SCR 2013, games we’ve played recently, the Halo 4 Infinity Challenge, games that are coming out, the latest gaming news, Battle Cats, and…randomness. Lots of randomness. The year has just begun, this is a bit of a slow episode, but only because…it’s one episode before we hit 52! A year of Shots! Get ready!