Injustice: Gods Among Us Comic Issue 18 Review

Injustice Insert 8The time to pick sides is here. I had said previously this series reminds me of the Justice Lords arc in the Justice League cartoon, but it’s starting to remind me of Marvel’s Civil War arc as well. It is also reminding me that heroes aren’t like they were when I was a kid. Back then, heroes weren’t really questioned, they truly were godlike. If they did something, it must be for our own good. Injustice is showing us that isn’t always the case. This is a talk heavy issue. How did it go? Continue reading

Injustice: Gods Among Us Comic Issue 17 Review

Injustice Insert 7The aftermath. In comics, the aftermath is as important, sometimes more so, than the actual event leading to it. This is the case because it is so easy to mess this up. Someone very important has been lost, and now we get to see how everyone reacts. As this important story continues, we are given a view most of us would have if we lived in this universe: from the bottom up. Continue reading