Captain America, A Castaway (Dimension Z)

Z is for Zola and our beloved Captain American is 90 years old in this bizarre tale. Castaway in Dimension Z sees Steve Rogers tricked, captured and transported to an Alien Dimension run by the devious Arnim Zola. Zola has shaped the reality here, enslaved the inhabitants. Cap is experimented on, but escaped with a child- Zola’s baby boy! This was a truly fun story arc to read. Continue reading

Superior Spider-Man

I’m always reading comic books, with a very large collection of both physical and digital books. One series and story arc I recently read was the Superior Spider-Man. Released in 2013-2014 this arc crossed into some trippy, creepy, and awesome areas. It’s one of my recommended reads and I’ll go over why. Fair warning of spoilers; so go read them and come back. Okay, Doc I warned you.

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Star Trek/ Green Lantern Crossover #1 Review

ST-GL01-coverD-SUBWe have seen some pretty amazing comic book crossovers in the past, but I don’t think many of us ever thought we would see this. IDW and DC Comics have partnered to bring us Star Trek/Green Lantern: The Spectrum Wars #1 and is listed as the crossover event of 2015. Oh, and where better to launch this series than San Diego Comic Con! Keep reading for my review.

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More Than Meets The Eye #28 Review

TF_MTMTE_28_cvrSUBWe’ve seen some major changes and story arcs in the IDW Transformers universe, some crazy shake ups and, well, things that still haunt us in the late hours of night. It’s all been good, mostly good. Now in the Dawn of The Autobots, we’ve seen the foundation laid for Windblade and Prime taking Robots In Disguise back to a familiar place. However, More Than Meets The Eye should wield us a new direction, right? After all this is where we find Megatron, the latest to join the Autobot ranks- even if that was the last thing we thought possible!

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Mars Attacks The Transformers Review

MarsAttacks_Transformers-CvrAIn years of past we have had yet a few crossovers into the Transformers universe. In the early days at Marvel, Spider-Man was guest appearance in the G1 Comics of the 80’s. Later on we would see G.I. Joe crossing over at one time from the Marvel days, the Dreamwave era, and even Devil’s Due Publishing, each with their own twist on story or continuity. Then IDW and Marvel came together and brought us a tale of the Avenger’s and the Transformers back in 2007. Transformers have long held their own, but sometimes it’s nice to see them interact with another franchise. Which brings us to IDW’s latest crossover, Mars Attacks The Transformers. Read on to see what this adventurer thought!

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