Batman and Harley Quinn review

Over the weekend, I was lucky enough to be at San Diego Comic Con and caught the premiere of Batman and Harley Quinn.I have to admit the reaction by the audience was a whole lot of laughter. Bruce Timm did it again with another solid animated film. Seriously, somebody get him involved the in the live action movies. That said let’s take a look and what grows on us in this movie.

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Survival Guide: San Diego Comic-Con International


Since the creation of Golden State Comic-Con (now well-known as the San Diego Comic-Con International) by Shel Dorf, Richard Alf, Ken Krueger, Mike Towry and Greg Bear back in 1970 drew 300 attendees at the U.S. Grand Hotel, El Cortez Hotel and UCSD. Now, that number of attendee’s have increased by a very dizzying 150,000 while the venue also have changed to the San Diego Convention Center since 1991. Since then, talks of expanding the convention center have been in the somewhat ongoing between the City of San Diego and the Board Members of SDCCi.

Since the capacity of the convention center have been filled to the top, many of the supporting vendors (i.e. Microsoft, Nintendo, AMC, Marvel Studios and many others) have opted to rent out hotel conference rooms, local restaurants and bars all over Downtown San Diego. Since more walking is now involved, (along with many other things!) this is what I do, this my survival guide that I will share with you all on this crazy 4 day event! Continue reading “Survival Guide: San Diego Comic-Con International”

Comic-Con 2012 Wrap Up Part 2

IMG_0509Through a sinister plot by the Joker I found myself wandering into a panel he surely thought would bore me to death! However, it was quite interesting. The Batmobile panel was all about the Documentary on, you guess it, the Batmobile and the different versions from the 60’s to the modern day Tumbler of Batman Begins, Dark Knight and the upcoming Dark Knight Rises. The panel had the owners and/or designers of Batmobiles on hand and were discussing things like engineering and the cost of building these masterpieces. Surprising to myself, was Jeff Dunham on the panel as he happens to have bought one of the Batmobiles some years ago. We were treated to a Twenty-Two minute preview of the documentary and I must say this looks very good.IMG_0574 Lot’s of information that you probable never even thought about. I think just about everyone will enjoy this forthcoming documentary. Also down in front of the Hilton Bayfront all 5 Batmobiles and the Camo Tumbler were on display. These are wonder vehicles, masterpieces of engineering and an art form of themselves.

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Comic-Con 2012 Wrap Up Part 1

IMG_0771Comic-Con started with a bang, or rather an unfortunate screeching thud. A woman in her 50’s was hit by a car Tuesday before the con started. Reports indicate she was eager to get back to her line for the Twilight Panel which was Thursday, she apparently ran across the street and did not use a cross walk. She actually tried to stop before the car, but tripped and suffered head injuries when the car hit her. The driver was not cited. For the woman who perished, there was a small memorial placed in the line to Hall H and the the Twilight Panel took time to remember her in  the panel. While this is sad, let this be a lesson: you are never too old (or young) to disobey traffic or pedestrian traffic rules.

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