Turn the page, wash your hands… turn the page, wash your hands

Free Comic Book day took place this past Saturday (also Star Wars day) and from what I saw, its safe to say that comics are making a huge comeback. Partially due to the abundance of comic and graphic novel based movies and partially due to “geek culture” becoming more mainstream (for better or worse). But needless to say, its a good time to be a comic publisher.

That being said IDW is doing pretty damn well. In addition to being the 4th largest American comics publlisher (alongside Marvel, DC and Dark Horse respectively) they are also the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund’s newest Corporate Member. Continue reading

More Than Meets The Eye # 5 Review

Transformers_MTMTE_05_CvrAIn the last issue Ratchet, Drift, and Pipes were on Delphi investing a horrendous plague that had infected Pipes. As Pipes lay dying as the medical team tries to save him- two Decepticons attack! Fortress Maximus awakes from a very long coma unhappy, ready to handle some Decepticons. Things got crazy, but that’s just the beginning.

When I comes to drawing bots I precarious conditions or situations; IDW’s team certainly has a way that brings it life. Another issue with fantastic artwork that is fresh and yet still has that classic feel to it. The only thing that bugged was a few scenes were we get just the head of Ratchet and/or Pharma as these two characters are very close in appearance. However, it’s understandable as both characters are medics of the same era.

The story just blew me away. We got some nice twists in the story that kept me wondering who the bad bot was. The dialogue moves the story in the right direction. We get some story of what’s happening back on the ship, but Ratchet’s visitation is where it gets crazy. It’s another fun story from IDW and I can’t wait for the next one. Visit your local comics shop today for this issue!

Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye 1-4 Review.

Transformeres_MorethanMeetstheEye_02_CvrAThe war is over the victor is, well, not apparent. One would expect peace or maybe just some minor tension. No, not exactly. Bots will be Bots and we all know Rodimus is a loose canon waiting to happen, but I, perhaps am distracted. More Than Meets The Eye is one of the ongoing Transformers’ comics from IDW Publishing. They have done justice to the series in the past, but does that continue?

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WonderCon 2012 Recap

imageWonder, Wonder, WonderCon …oh! WonderCon was lots of fun and I hope you enjoyed my Thunderian humor there. WonderCon is like a little sister or brother to Comic-Con, but still big. I think what stands out about WonderCon is the larger presence of the smaller companies and independent artists and publishers. Sure Marvel and DC were there, but no where near the presence they have at Comic-Con.

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