Windows 10 Event

Yesterday, Microsoft took the wraps off of the upcoming Windows 10 in a big way. Their event showcased the new OS, new hardware, software and how the ecosystem of devices will work together. We saw some really amazing things and still others that we expected. Let’s take a closer look.

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Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 84 – Old Tales of Ducks

Duck Tales HD

It’s that time again! It’s still hot in San Diego, we need the fall to hit already! Still, the show must go on! We go talk a bit about Duck Tales Remastered, He-Man on Android, PS Vita TV, Cortana versus Siri, Xbox One news, and much more! Grand Theft Auto 5 comes out in four days folks! Woot!

Halo 4- The Review

2820771-gallery.pngHalo 4 begins where things ended in Halo 3, which is really exciting to long time fans like us, with the return of Master Chief. Bungie has passed the baton and 343 Studios began the task of breathing new life in this series. Has 343 Studios Succeeded? Should you buy Halo 4? Keep reading after the break for answers and more.

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