Star Trek/ Green Lantern Crossover #1 Review

ST-GL01-coverD-SUBWe have seen some pretty amazing comic book crossovers in the past, but I don’t think many of us ever thought we would see this. IDW and DC Comics have partnered to bring us Star Trek/Green Lantern: The Spectrum Wars #1 and is listed as the crossover event of 2015. Oh, and where better to launch this series than San Diego Comic Con! Keep reading for my review.

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Damaged Ink: Some men just want to watch the world burn.


Unless you’ve been actively avoiding the Internet over the weekend then you’re very aware of the photo David Ayers posted of Jared Leto as a rather alternative looking Joker.  Soon the Internet was a blaze!  But much of it was the photo being negatively received with shouts of how Hot Topic and Marilyn Mason the actor/singer like along with pointed pitchforks claiming that he had ruined the character.

If you were amongst the mob…. well jokes on you!
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Injustice: Gods Among Us Comic Issues 1-3 Review

Injustice Cover 1

Injustice is the talk of the town this week. Just released yesterday, Injustice: Gods Among us promises to be the first real high quality DC fighting game. NetherRealms claims that the story is a big focus for them. To this end, they have released a comic series to lead into the story in the main game. Everyone loves prequels right? I have picked up all these issues, which cost 99 cents each(Except the first issue, it is being offered free for a limited time). I did this through the DC comics app on my Galaxy Note 2. I will review them in three issue increments, since they are quickly digested. How did it turn out? Let’s find out.

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