Developers may Crush (our hopes and expectations)

When the latest Devil May Cry game was announced, I was beaming with joy until the first trailer was revealed. Like most people, I was quite skeptical and did not exactly imagine that anything good could come out with Ninja Theory’s drastic change in direction on the DMC franchise. But I remained hopeful and open-minded. Even with sub-par trailer after sub-par trailer and a pre-release DLC announcement (sigh…), I truly believed that this new DmC had potential to be a good, well, Devil May Cry. Recently, however, my hopes have been dashed.  Continue reading

Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 17 – Where’s My Money?!

Time for another shot! Just because we’ve been busy doesn’t mean you don’t get your weekly fix! This week I rant over missing Diablo 3 playing time, the auction house, and how lag affects a game you play on your own. We also go over the latest news, including the sad state of affairs at 38 Studios, the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Bundle, the possible Xbox 360 U.S. ban, and much more! Click click click everyone! 

Capcom + Sega + Namco = Project X Zone! Trailer Released!


It seems impossible, but it’s happening. Japan is getting a cross-over between Capcom, Sega, and Namco! This isn’t the first major cross-over Japan has gotten that we haven’t received in the U.S. Many years ago, Namco and Capcom got together for a joint project, called Namco X Capcom. Looks like the X thing came from before huh? The game was an RPG, which is the same thing we are getting with Project X Zone. That was one game I was really sad I didn’t get a chance to play, mainly because of all the possibilities for fan service. Enough history though, take a look at the trailer!  Continue reading