Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 90 – Post Extra Life Hangover

marvel puzzle quest

We took a week off, but we’re back to give you your shot of gaming! It’s been a week since Extra Life, and we’re still feeling the effects. We’re tired, but we’re happier than ever that we got to participate. Join us as we discuss our Extra Life experience, Marvel Puzzle Quest, the latest gaming news, and much more!

Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 90 – Thinking of Batman

Batman Arkham Origins

Hey all, welcome to your weekly shot! This week, we talk about our hype for Batman: Arkham Origins, we touch a little on Marvel Puzzle Quest, the latest gaming news, and much more! As we gear up for Extra Life, please visit our team page and show some support for these wonderful kids! Thank you all!

Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 89 – Life and 20 Above

mvc3capIt’s that time of week! It’s been a rough, busy week for all of us, but that doesn’t mean we can’t give you your shot! We go over what’s going on in our lives, Pokemon X/Y, GTA Online, the latest gaming news, and much more! Extra Life is coming up! Please visit our team page here for more details! Thank you all for everything!





Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 88 – Online Improvements

GTA5 Franklin

It’s that time again! We are one man down this week, but the show always goes on! Wayne and I go over the latest gaming news, I briefly touch on my new Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Grand Theft Auto Online, Extra Life, and much more! Please check our Extra Life page here. Thank you all for all the support!

One Day

Many of you are aware of the fundraising we have done in the past with Extra Life and we plan on continuing those efforts. We know what it’s like to see someone you love and care about going through the hardships of fighting some pretty scary stuff. That is why I wanted to take a detour away from the tech and gaming to share some very welcoming news with you.

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Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 39 – Post Extra Life Edition!

Is it really over? Why no, it isn’t! The main event however, has passed, and we have successfully done the Extra Life marathon this past Saturday. We are extremely proud of how the event went, and we are very thankful to the Microsoft Store in Fashion Valley for letting us run the event there. Kudos to Fanboy Gaming as well for the tournament greatness. Join us on our Post Extra Life episode to hear about how it went for all of us…and lots of local FGC hype 🙂

Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 38 – It’s Time…for Extra Life!

Hello everyone! In what may be our most important episode yet(though kind of exhausted while doing it) we go over our week and what we think about Extra Life! It is so close, and we hope you will support us. We talk about our gaming experiences, and how it’s so different in the real world than the digital world. Thank you all for all the help so far, we hope to see you this Saturday at the Microsoft Store in Fashion Valley :)[podcast][/podcast]

Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 37 – Examining a Resident Evil in Pokemon

OMG it’s episode 37! One week until Extra Life! We decided to get the mature stuff out of the way before that important day. So on this very special episode, we discuss what is wrong in the world of Pokemon(no, not that PETA garbage, REAL issues!), Resident Evil 6’s mercenary mode, Forza Horizon, Tekken Tag Tournament 2’s newest DLC, and lots more! Get ready for Extra Life, we are going to have raffles, tournaments, and lots more! Details to come!


Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 36 – Witching a Resident Evil

It’s another busy week for us here at 2 Shots! There’s less than two weeks away from Extra Life, and there’s a ton to cover! We go over the very controversial Resident Evil 6, The Witcher 2, the latest gaming news, the newest Batman animated movie, and lots more! Don’t forget to check out our Extra Life page here. [podcast][/podcast]

Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 35 – Marvel Origins and Other Things

Another busy week for us at 2 Shots of Geek! We finally try to get back into the swing of thing in our fighting game careers, especially with the recent releases. We go over Marvel vs. Capcom Origins, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, The Witcher 2, my recent experience with Salt Mines here in San Diego, the latest gaming news, and…Married…With Children. Yes, the Bundy clan. We make it fit, seriously. Listen in, and find out how we blend in old school comedy into gaming! [podcast][/podcast]