The Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode #110

Halo 5

On this episode of the Shot O’ Games Podcast, it is the Post E3 fallout! Wayne and I talk about what games got our attention the most. What game we’re excited about playing. Also how the Big 3 aka Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo offered us the gamers on up coming games!

The Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode #109



Well come back to this exciting episode of the Shot O’ Games Podcast! Today we talk about the yearly E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo coming up with week. We speculate about coming games for the new gaming platforms, and news from the big three Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. We also talk about or SPOIL more to say about X-Men Days of Future Past movie!

Ready to Drop Your Dreams into a Distance?

July 31st is closing in on us, and that means it’s almost time for Kingdom Hearts: 3D (Dream Drop Distance). Several things were released this week, so lets kick off this post, with the full, official, English Trailer, just released on Monday!


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Oddworld is an odd world… *SPOILER WARNING*

Ok, so you’re name is Abe. You’re an imprisoned, goofy, flat-footed Mudokon working for the RuptureFarms factory in oddworld. You make foods and snacks out of other species of creatures, to include the Paramites, and the Scrabs. It’s not all bad, really… With the exception of the concentration camp style leadership and heirarchy… And the brutal, ruthless Sligs and their dogs, Slogs, constantly hasstling you to scrub the blood and other questionable substances off of the floors and walls… and the highly unsafe foundation the factory is built off of, what with gigantic ribcages falling at random onto the working platforms, often crushing you or your co-workers. Fine, so it’s not the greatest place in Oddworld. Especially after finding out they’re going to start chopping your kind into a new product called… Mudokon Pops! So, can you escape?

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