Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 177


Well this is a shocking turn of events here at 2 Shots…Wayne and Fidel did NOT play Halo 5 at all this entire week, so what did they play?! Listen to find out along with news from a Female Link and the one news that destroyed the internet, Cloud from FF7 is now a playable character in Smash Bros!! Enjoy!

Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 172


Well gang…guess who’s back? Oh yeah us!!! Welcome back fellow geeks and today’s episode of the famed SOG Podcast we have a lot more news from Halo 5 regarding micro transaction! Wait…How much space does Halo 5 need to install?! XBox admitting defeat and now focusing on us, the gamers…and the MCU Phase 3 line up!

Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 167


Yes, we know we’ve been gone for a bit but we’re back baby! A lot of news on this episode including how we discuss the opening scene of Halo 5 Guardians along with the X-Box One Elite. STEAM now offering other content other than games, and Razer have their own customize X-Box One controller.

Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 158


As many of you have seen on the news this past week, a little event called Electronic Entertainment Expo (e3 for short) had just wrapped up! Now if you don’t know what e3 is all about, it is where the Big 3 (Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo) announce their upcoming games. e3 also features many other companies that are in the electronics. We have major news that we cover for you all during e3!

E3 2014 Microsoft Press Conference Recap


It is E3 once again, and that means it is time for game developers to show us what is going to be coming out over the next couple of years. The first company up this year is Microsoft, and they started off E3 right.

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Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 71 – E3 Bonanza

e3E3 2013 has just ended! There is so much to discuss, we know we can’t get it all in one episode, but we do our best! We go over the main points of the Xbox One’s, Playstation 4, and Nintendo’s offerings. Killer Instinct, Ryse, Dead Rising 3, Kingdom Hearts 3, Halo 5, Super Smash Bros, and so much more! Come in and listen to how this exciting and tiring week went for us!