Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 97 – CES 2014 Special!!

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It’s 2 Shots of Geek at CES! We finally get the chance to sit down and take in the event, and have a special guest! Justin from Livio Radio joins us to discuss their new tech including their continuing quest to standardization, what’s cool at the show, and much, much more!

A new rig in the family

300RSo i finally pulled the trigger…on building a new computer rig. My decision was made due to the circumstances of my old rig finally giving out on me when I trying to upload pics from Comic-Con 2013. Lucky for me I didn’t erase the pics from both my SD Card, I had a bad habit back in the day erasing files after I loaded them into my computer. This article is to show you what type of parts I use into making this custom rig, and here we go…

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