Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 79 – 10 Above Greatness


Happy weekend! There are a lot of things happening in the gaming world on the way to the next-gen console launch. We…tried to get in the know, and bring us our results! We go over the Xbox One unboxing, all the Xbox Live changes, Ubisoft’s deal with Hasbro, briefly talk about Two Brothers, and much more! Also, Robot Unicorn Attack 2. It just won’t got away.



Too Soon? – Major Nelson Xbox One Unboxing Video Impressions

Major Nelson Xbox One Unbox

I’m not sure how I feel about unboxing videos just yet. I love the mystery of opening a brand new product. The smell of plastic, the ever-so carefully packed products(good luck getting them back in there), surprise paperwork, etc. In some cases though, the wait for some things is just too much to bear. This is especially the case when a game comes out and I can’t go get it upon release for some reason(work, family stuff, etc.). We have here a unique unboxing: one that takes place three months before the product is released. Major Nelson recorded himself unboxing the Xbox One. I couldn’t wait, I had to see it. How did it go?

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