Distant Worlds Nashville


I think it is safe to say that if you ask a gamer about their favorite video game music, that there will most likely be a song from one of the Final Fantasy games on their list. The series has numerous games within it, with a majority of them having highly acclaimed soundtracks. The music in these games does more than just pump you up for a battle, or sway you to fall in love with a relationship; they are also some of the most memorable parts of these games. For instance, play Aerith’s theme in front of fan and watch the waterworks happen. The music in Final Fantasy is crucial to these big moments in the games. So much so, that you hear the song and your body automatically reacts to whatever emotion you had at that point in the game. Needless to say, a lot of fans would love to see the music played in a live concert.

That’s where “Distant Worlds: Music from Final Fantasy” comes in…
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Real Life Needs Boss Theme Music (Part 1)

Video game music is easily my personal favorite genre of music. There really is not too much of a reason as to why I love video game music so much; it just gets me hyped up and ready to take on the world as soon as I plug in the earplugs, put on my exercise gloves, slip on my running shoes, and bust out random dance moves for a good two minutes straight. With that said, I’m going to recommend some great video game soundtracks for you guys, some “hot, fly beats” if you will. The theme for this post is- no, forget it, no themes, I’m just going to recommend some hot soundtracks for you guys that’ll pump you up to take on tomorrow’s math test like it was the final arcade boss in a King of Fighters game (though really, that’s just more demoralizing than anything else, but whatever). Continue reading

A Birthday for a Living Legend

Today, a Legend in the music industry is one year wiser. He is known to many as the Father of Video Game music, has his own band in which they play his own unique and well-known compositions. Theme songs for Characters such as ‘Terra’, ‘Cait Sith’, and ‘Chocobos’, to boss compositions used worldwide for various dramatizations like ‘One Winged Angel’. Please Join 2 Shots of Geek in recognizing and wishing a very special Happy Birthday to… Continue reading