10 Gaming Experiences I Wish To Relive

Gaming has played a significant role in my life. In fact, my earliest memory from childhood is playing a video game. It’s kind of like a parasite that has sucked countless hours from my life but, I refuse to go to the doctor because I know I’d be lonely without its company. With who knows how many years of in-game experiences I’ve racked up since I was a kid, some have held a dear place in my memory and heart. Nowadays I seem to have a cloak of immunity when it comes to being genuinely enthralled with a game or console but, looking back I vividly remember moments that I was overcome with one emotion or another and, I pray to the gods of gaming that I could relive some of those moments. Without further any rambling, here are ten moments from my gaming life that I want to experience for the first time, again. Continue reading

Will Vengeance Bring Redemption?

In March of 2010, we the gaming community, were given the game that was speculated to be the final installment on the series. “God of War” was thought to be concluding upon the completion of the third console installment, fifth overall installment of the franchise. After all, Kratos gets his revenge, right? Well, once we actually completed the adventure and (Spoiler Warning) opened Pandora’s box and beat the ever-loving piss out of Zeus, Kratos “kills” himself with the Blade of Olympus. Well, since the game was released when “after-credits” bonus footage was big in theaters and games, there was indeed some bonus footage after the credits finished rolling. Showing Kratos’ place of death with nothing around, not even Kratos, save for a smear of blood leading from Kratos’ deathspot to the nearby cliff. We were all hoping to hear about a fourth game, but alas, two whole years have passed, and not a mention of the series (except, of course, for his cameo in “Mortal Kombat” as a PS3 exclusive fighter). The wait is finally over, as the nice folks from the Santa Monica branch of SCE (Sony Computer Entertainment) released this very pleasant teaser trailer of the next “God of War” game… Continue reading

Free Of Charge!

Beginning today, all owners of Street Fighter X Tekken on the PS3 console can download the patch to unlock the Original Icon and The Blue Bomber, Pac-Man and Mega-Man, Free Of Charge. Simply run your game, and you’ll get a notification on the menu screen stating that new content has been added to the store. Fret not, Mokujin Users, for Pac-Man is the trusty pilot of the Mokujin Dummy (with a mini pac-man game running on the back where his scripture normally is). Go now, For they await a worthy user! I shall also await a worthy challenger bold enough to challenge me on PSN! ID: BlaZe4489

Pac-Man piloting Mokujin

Oddworld is an odd world… *SPOILER WARNING*

Ok, so you’re name is Abe. You’re an imprisoned, goofy, flat-footed Mudokon working for the RuptureFarms factory in oddworld. You make foods and snacks out of other species of creatures, to include the Paramites, and the Scrabs. It’s not all bad, really… With the exception of the concentration camp style leadership and heirarchy… And the brutal, ruthless Sligs and their dogs, Slogs, constantly hasstling you to scrub the blood and other questionable substances off of the floors and walls… and the highly unsafe foundation the factory is built off of, what with gigantic ribcages falling at random onto the working platforms, often crushing you or your co-workers. Fine, so it’s not the greatest place in Oddworld. Especially after finding out they’re going to start chopping your kind into a new product called… Mudokon Pops! So, can you escape?

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