Super Platinum Brothers: Anarchy (Demo and Game news)

While I have been trapped in the Skullgirls vortex, it seems that a demo of Platinum Games’ latest title Anarchy Reigns (Max Anarchy in Japan) has been released on both the Playstation Network and Xbox Live. Unfortunately, the demo is only available for Japanese accounts on both systems, but thankfully there is an easy (yet overly complicated) solution for non-Japanese citizens. For PSN users, you simply have to, well, make a Japanese account; that much is pretty easy as long as you can figure out how to navigate menus. For XBL users, you must undergo a more. . . difficult process in order to get your hands on the demo, which can be found here thanks to the ever lovely users of NeoGAF, so hop on it and join the carnage! I’ve played a bit of the demo myself, and words cannot explain how much fun I’ve had with it. For those unclear of what the heck Anarchy Reigns is, be sure to hit the jump. Continue reading

Free Of Charge!

Beginning today, all owners of Street Fighter X Tekken on the PS3 console can download the patch to unlock the Original Icon and The Blue Bomber, Pac-Man and Mega-Man, Free Of Charge. Simply run your game, and you’ll get a notification on the menu screen stating that new content has been added to the store. Fret not, Mokujin Users, for Pac-Man is the trusty pilot of the Mokujin Dummy (with a mini pac-man game running on the back where his scripture normally is). Go now, For they await a worthy user! I shall also await a worthy challenger bold enough to challenge me on PSN! ID: BlaZe4489

Pac-Man piloting Mokujin