Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 79 – 10 Above Greatness


Happy weekend! There are a lot of things happening in the gaming world on the way to the next-gen console launch. We…tried to get in the know, and bring us our results! We go over the Xbox One unboxing, all the Xbox Live changes, Ubisoft’s deal with Hasbro, briefly talk about Two Brothers, and much more! Also, Robot Unicorn Attack 2. It just won’t got away.



Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 78 – All the Feels

DEAD_RISING_3It’s another week, so it’s time for another shot! The hangover from Comic-Con continues, but we’re here for more! We go over all the latest news, including the recent Xbox One and Playstation 4 comparisons, Dead Rising 3, Forza 5, the Final Fantasy 7 fan flick, and much more! Big things are coming![podcast][/podcast]