Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 160


So from our previous episode, we are exactly 1 week away from the San Diego Comic-Con International 2015! On this episode Wayne and Fidel talk about Batman Arkham Knight, while Jesse talk about MiiVerse and news from the Sony patch! Please due tune in to next weeks episode because it is going to be a special one!

The Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode #110

Halo 5

On this episode of the Shot O’ Games Podcast, it is the Post E3 fallout! Wayne and I talk about what games got our attention the most. What game we’re excited about playing. Also how the Big 3 aka Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo offered us the gamers on up coming games!

Sony E3 2014 Recap

uncharted 4

Oh Sony. They had a good conference overall and they announced some big titles, however it felt really long and they didn’t do much to build excitement either. Well, at least from me anyway. The games were fairly impressive though, so lets talk about them.

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Bringing A Series Back to Life: Final Fantasy E3 Blow out!

E3 2013 has come and gone as it always does every year. But fear not! Leading us on into the video game scene once again and getting us excited for new and upcoming next-gen consoles and games. This is Sephy Angel here from Square Enix’s side to bring you everything Final Fantasy. This year is a great year to be a Final Fantasy fan it seems with all these announcements. Here we’re going to take a look at what all was said in developer interviews “For the Fifteenth coming.” Continue reading

G3: Gaming Gimmicks Galore (E3 Rant)

Let me just start off by saying that my opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of all 2ShotsOfGeek members and yadayada, that stuff.

The big event that we all know as E3 occurred just last week, and quite honestly, I was overall disappointed with the event. The short version as to why I found the show to lack hype factor is this, basically (be sure to check out the links in the description as well; they are easily some of the best gaming-related gifs I have ever come across). As for the long-winded, gamer-rage-filled version, you can hit the jump below.

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Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 28 – Pre-E3 Edition

It’s almost time for E3! So here is the pre-party! Shots all around! We go more into Diablo 3 as it is so addictive! With E3 so close, we go into our predictions and hopes for what we want Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo to do. Wii U? Playstation 4? More Xbox 360 goodness? Kinect? Nintendo 3DS? It’s an exciting time! Plus random personal stories. It’s all there. Enjoy![podcast][/podcast]