Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 31 – From Dust to Old Memories

It’s getting up there! It’s almost mid-life crisis time! Nah we don’t do that here. It’s time for another Shot O’ Games! This week, we cover Dust: An Elysian Tale, the new Leviathan DLC for Mass Effect 3, and we reminisce on the old comic book cartoons from the 90s, including Spider-Man and the X-Men. We also go over the latest gaming news, talk about Extra Life, and make fun of Wayne. All this and much more this week on episode 31! [podcast][/podcast]

Happy 25th Birthday Street Fighter – The Second Biggest Influence in my Life

It’s been a very important year for me, personally and professionally. I’ve made some mistakes, and learned lots of things. One of the biggest events this year though, and one that truly reminds me of who I am, is the 25th Anniversary of Street Fighter. It is a global phenomenon that started 25 years ago and still shines bright, to this day. It is something that brings people together, and that has spawned a community unlike any other, one that competes, grows, nourishes, and most importantly, has fun. As I sit here, listening to Adon’s theme from Street Fighter Alpha, I will share a little on why Street Fighter is so important to me, and so many others around the world.

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Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 17 – Where’s My Money?!

Time for another shot! Just because we’ve been busy doesn’t mean you don’t get your weekly fix! This week I rant over missing Diablo 3 playing time, the auction house, and how lag affects a game you play on your own. We also go over the latest news, including the sad state of affairs at 38 Studios, the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Bundle, the possible Xbox 360 U.S. ban, and much more! Click click click everyone![podcast][/podcast]