Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 50 – Back From Raiding Vegas Tombs!

tomb_raider lara headphones

We’re back! After a week of seeing the latest tech, experiencing new toys, and partying up in Sin City, we return for your weekly Shot O’ Games! We got a chance to get a lengthy hands-on with the new Tomb Raider reboot at Vegas, and we tell you about it here! We also discuss all the new gaming stuff we saw at CES like the nVidia Grid, Nyko’s new Wii U accessories, we discuss the Walking Dead game, and much more! Two more episodes and we hit our one year mark! Woot!


Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 49 – Our Tops of 2012!

Street Fighter X TekkenIt’s finally that time! Our top greats and fails of 2012 are finally revealed. What are the surprises? What are the disappointments? The results may surprise you! We also ponder on the future in 2013, and lots more!


Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 39 – Post Extra Life Edition!

Is it really over? Why no, it isn’t! The main event however, has passed, and we have successfully done the Extra Life marathon this past Saturday. We are extremely proud of how the event went, and we are very thankful to the Microsoft Store in Fashion Valley for letting us run the event there. Kudos to Fanboy Gaming as well for the tournament greatness. Join us on our Post Extra Life episode to hear about how it went for all of us…and lots of local FGC hype 🙂

Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 38 – It’s Time…for Extra Life!

Hello everyone! In what may be our most important episode yet(though kind of exhausted while doing it) we go over our week and what we think about Extra Life! It is so close, and we hope you will support us. We talk about our gaming experiences, and how it’s so different in the real world than the digital world. Thank you all for all the help so far, we hope to see you this Saturday at the Microsoft Store in Fashion Valley :)[podcast][/podcast]

Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 36 – Witching a Resident Evil

It’s another busy week for us here at 2 Shots! There’s less than two weeks away from Extra Life, and there’s a ton to cover! We go over the very controversial Resident Evil 6, The Witcher 2, the latest gaming news, the newest Batman animated movie, and lots more! Don’t forget to check out our Extra Life page here. [podcast][/podcast]

Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 34 – Fighting Game Community Pride

Oh man, sorry it’s late, but you still get your shot! Celebrating two weeks of the team being fully back together, myself and Fidel hit two tournaments in one day before recording our podcast. We hit FanboyGaming’s Super Street Fighter 4 AE tournament, then hit T.T.F’s Super tournament as well. How did we do? We discuss these tournaments, the local fighting game scene, I go more in-depth into Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and we discuss the latest gaming news. All that and more on this week’s Shot O’ Games! [podcast][/podcast]

My First Streamed Match – The Box Arena San Diego’s Last Battle of 2011

I mentioned in my intro that I am a fighting game enthusiast. I love competing, it fuels me, makes me happy. The thrill of the crowd, the environment, it’s exhilarating. It boils down to the competition between many players, two at a time, to see who is better. We put our pride on the line every time. We do it all to get better, and to help the fighting game community grow. The more people we make aware of the FGC, the bigger it will get. We will make a huge effort here to inform you of upcoming events, especially if it’s events we will compete in.

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The Hype Rises – Six More Confirmed for Street Fighter X Tekken + Scramble Mode

Oh yeah, let the hype train continue rolling! As if we didn’t already have enough to look forward to in the fighting game arena(maybe a little too much actually) we have some more details on the most anticipated fighting game for this year, Street Fighter X Tekken. While I doubt that my main man Adon will join the cast, we have four more additions, one of which I’ve been anticipating for quite a while. We also get some more details on one of the game’s most unique modes, the two on two scramble mode. Can you say madness? Heck, can you say random? I can, it will seem random or choreographed. Let’s see what’s new from Capcom in Street Fighter X Tekken.

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