Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 104 – Con Season Starts

anime-conji-april-18th-20th-2014-14.pngIt’s that time again! Con season has officially started for us here at 2 Shots! Wayne and Fidel go over Anime Conji and Wondercon, and you can find our pics from MTAC on our Facebook page! Listen to all the things!




Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 101 – Dat Titanfall

TitanfallNo Dalmatians here, just gaming! In this episode, I’m gone, so Fidel and Wayne take over. The main topic is their Titanfall addiction. They give their impressions on the game, their expectations on its future, and more. They also cover the latest gaming news, including Facebook buying Oculus Rift, and much more. Enjoy!

Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 100 – Life and Stuff

South Park Pub

Hey all, it’s time for a shot of gaming! In our monumental triple digit episode, we talk about how real life is taking away from our gaming time…but I still complain about not getting South Park: The Stick of Truth at launch! We go over our Titanfall expectations, So Cal Regionals, the latest gaming news, and much more! Thank you for all your support over 100 episodes!

Shot O’ Games Podcast Episode 99 – Flappy Bird And Stuff

Flappy Bird Intro

Yes, we know. Flappy Bird is everywhere, but we still have it, and we haven’t broken our phones yet! Join us as we talk about our Flappy Bird adventures, the latest gaming news, and more! We’re getting ready for the flood of games coming soon!